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Who is Programing Your Brain?

Updated on November 21, 2017

Your Brain is a Computer

Our brains are very much like computers. They are made of biological material rather than circuit boards and silicon, but function exactly the same.

Most of the time we don't realize it, but we are really just running a program, exactly as a computer does, almost all the time. We go on about our business trying to get things done and doing whatever we do, never really taking the time to understand what is really going on.

It is all too often we conduct ourselves in a manner that is totally opposite of how we would like to be. A really good example of this is getting mad and acting like an idiot. We all do that. Later, we will say something like, "I just don't know what I was thinking."

What was actually happening is that we were running a program and didn't realize it. Somewhere along the way, something or someone programed our brains to do those actions that we later felt were so unlike ourselves.

These programs end up deciding nearly everything we do, but not if we can become aware of it. How we react to most of the experiences we have in our lives is a direct result of the programs running in our computer brains. Many people call this the subconscious, but it is the same thing. When we realize what is happening, we are much more capable of taking control of the situation rather than being controlled by it.

If I run negative programs, I will have negative experiences. The exact opposite is equally true. If I run positive programs, I will have positive experiences. It really is that simple.

Who is Doing the Programing?

Who is the programer? Am I doing the programing of my own brain, or is someone else doing it?

This is very much at the heart of the issue. Brain programing comes from all over the place. We must be aware of what is happening. If we are unaware, we might run programs that others have created for our entire lives and never realize it. We might end up responding to life the way someone else thinks we should, rather than how we ourselves think we should. People often end up depressed and upset because they don't realize that they are being, doing, and thinking things that are not consistent at all with who they really are. People who unknowingly live the lives that reflect the ideas and beliefs of others often experience depression, anxiety, anger, and stress. How many people today live with these conditions? If one programs their own brain, these conditions do not exist. However, far too many people allow other people or things to program their brains for them.

We are constantly being bombarded by programing from outside sources. Everything we watch on TV, read in books, see on the internet, hear on the radio, billboards, signs, conversations we have, it's all attempting to install programs into our brains. If I unknowingly allow these programs to run in my brain it will not be long before I have forgotten who I really am.

My Brain My Responsibility

My brain is my responsibility and it is my responsibility to program it. I am an individual with specific likes and dislikes. We each have our own unique perceptions and realities. We have our own morals, ideas of how life works, and what is right and wrong.

We are exactly how we are supposed to be. It does not matter if the true expression of who I really am is different, strange, or even if others think it is totally wrong. Even if we are standing alone and everyone else thinks we are completely wrong, if we are being our true selves, we are exactly as we should be. If it is the absolute true expression of our true self, it is always right. We, as individuals, are the only ones who get to decide that. When it comes to being our true self, the opinions or thoughts of others are unimportant.

If I allow sources outside myself to dictate the program my brain is running instead of dictating it myself, I will rob myself of the life that was truly mine. If you want to live your life fully and completely, as yourself, you must program your own brain. It is your responsibility to do so.

Carefully Choose what You Put in Your Brain

I have to choose what outside influences that I allow to install programs in my brain.

Some people think that TV, movies, music, news, video games, and things like that do not effect what people do, how they act, and what they think about. That is absolutely false, nothing could be further from the truth. Of course these things effect our way of thinking, and our way of thinking effects everything we do.

Whatever we expose ourselves to has a major role and a massive impact on what goes on inside our heads. Why do you think that song got stuck in your head? Why do you think you just couldn't stop thinking about that news story?

Almost everything we know comes from an outside source. Things we learned as a baby still effect our lives everyday. All of the things we learned and were exposed to all our lives effect us everyday. Every time new information becomes part of our awareness it effects us for the rest of our lives. To suggest that things like movies, games, internet content, and TV shows don't effect us is nonsense. Many studies have shown that these things do influence us. They can absolutely cause us to think and act in ways that we otherwise would not.

If I am constantly exposing myself to hate and violence, I will become more hateful and violent. If I am constantly exposing myself to love and compassion, I will become more loving and compassionate.

It is essential that we understand this. It is time to take control of the outside influences we allow to program our brains. It's time for us to take responsibility for our brains and the programing that they get.

Become The Programer

When I become the primary programer of my brain things become much different.

First, I have to know who I really am. I must know that whoever I really truly am is perfectly fine and normal. I have to value who I really am. If I don't value who I really am no one else ever will. Whatever I am, I must value it enough to be the true expression of it. If I do not become the true expression of who I really am, I will have ended up wasting my time and my life here on this planet.

After you embrace your true self, then you have to tell your brain what you want it to do. Your brain is like a slave and it will do whatever it is told. It better be you, and no one else, who tells your brain what to do. If not, you will be the slave and your brain will be the master.

We all have a voice in our head, some people have multiple voices, but there is one that is only yours and completely your own. Speak with your mouth, now close your mouth and keep talking, that voice, "I", is your true voice. The other ones are other people's voices as well as programs attempting to control you. They will tell you all sorts of things and none of them are true. They will tell you how bad you are, how you're not good enough in some way, and a vast array of other things. None of them are true.

"I" is the only voice in your head that holds the truth.

With that voice you must go into your own mind and let it be known how things are going to be. We have got to beat those other voices back and let them know that we know they are liars. We must let those voices and thought patterns know that we will not tolerate their interference into our lives any longer.

Imagine someone speaking to your very good friend the way that your brain is speaking to you. What would you tell that person? Would you allow them to continue speaking to your friend that way, or would you tell them how things are going to be? I think we would all stand up for our friend. Stand up for your brain just the same as you would your friend.

Repetition is the key. Commercials on TV repeat endlessly. The same commercial plays continuously until your brain has been programed. Suddenly you want whatever they are showing you. The worst part is, if we are unaware, we will think it is our own idea, when in reality, it is an implanted programed idea that was never our own. This is a blatant form of mind control. Do not let your mind be controlled by outside influences.

Over and over, again and again, we must repeatedly and continuously tell our brains what to do, how to think, how to feel, and what to believe. We have to pound it in there. Eventually the neurons will change direction and make different connections. When this begins to happen you will notice that some of the new programs, installed by you, start to become automatic. When the new programs feel like habits, you are well on your way to understanding all you need to know about programing your own brain. When this is understood, it is very simple indeed.

With continued effort over time you can literally program your brain to do whatever you want it to do. It will automatically do it with no effort at all. The new programs become the default settings exactly the same as your computer.

Your brain belongs to you, and no one else, program it wisely.


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    • Marra profile image

      J McRae BA MA Psy 

      6 months ago from Desert Southwest U.S.

      Brilliant ty!

    • Marra profile image

      J McRae BA MA Psy 

      6 months ago from Desert Southwest U.S.

      Brilliant ty!

    • Jason Horne profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Horne 

      5 years ago

      No, that is not my art. None of the pictures are my own. I really appreciate everything. Thank you so much.

    • somethgblue profile image


      5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Yeah I share this article on FB and then it got shared by some other folks on FB, plus I back-linked it to DIGG and share it on few other sites.

      You should see an up-tick in Page Views soon, you're a good writer and I suspect that is also your art we are seeing on your articles, yes?

    • fpherj48 profile image


      5 years ago from Carson City

      Since discovering you, I have shared a few of your works on Twitter, Pinterest and HP.......There really are more than just blue and I who appreciate your topics.

      Hey should send some of Jason's links to Nadine and some others who like your work!! They'll enjoy his too.

      You are an excellent writer Jason. Wish I had the time to read more of them more often, but I'm working on it. Peace, Paula

    • Jason Horne profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Horne 

      5 years ago

      Thank you. I appreciate your thoughts and kind words. I am mostly just happy when someone likes what I do. I appreciate your comments.

    • somethgblue profile image


      5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      AWESOME, totally awesome (I would add DUDE but then that would kinda date me and we don't want that).

      That was really good and great opener for Hub Pages, I'm beginning to wonder how your articles have been published of rso long without anyone commented on them.

      Guess we will just have to change that, won't we?


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