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Bodybuilding – How to Increase Your Bicep Size Properly

Updated on May 13, 2010
big biceps
big biceps

Biceps are one of the key areas to concentrate in body building. Every bodybuilder’s ultimate dream is to get big and round biceps. If you are a beginner in bodybuilding, you will find good growth in biceps in first few weeks. As your bodybuilding workout progresses, you will find it difficult to increase the size of biceps. There are many factors that contribute to lack of bicep growth in body builders. Following bodybuilding tips will help you to increase biceps size and helps you to gain more knowledge on bicep workouts and bicep specific diets.

Biceps Workout:

Unlike other muscle groups, biceps got a number of different ways to workout. As a bodybuilder, you already know what different types of biceps workouts are. You can work out biceps with dumbbells, barbells and even with machines. Of them all, dumbbells and barbells are the most common type of workout that top bodybuilders prefer. Though you workout the way your coach teaches, there are still some mistakes many people commits in gyms. Let’s see common types of mistakes that bodybuilders do while working out their biceps.

Over training:

Over training is the most common reason for lack of growth in bicep muscles. People tend to work out their biceps regularly or with more and more sets hoping they get giant biceps in no time. This is not correct, over training of your biceps will not give you the desired result. As a bodybuilder, you must understand that muscles doesn’t grow in gym, but grow when you are at rest. You need to give your muscles the ample time to recover and add the muscle. Most of the top bodybuilders work out their biceps once in a week or 5 days. This ensures a good resting period between two consecutive biceps workout schedule. Your bicep muscles absorb the protein in the body and grow big in this particular rest time. So do not overtrain your muscles.

Same workouts:

Another common mistake that body builders do in a gym is, they don’t give any variations in workout schedule. They tend to continue the same bicep workout routine for months and months. This is not the proper way, and you need to give good variations in your routine. For example, if you work out biceps with barbells this week, try workout with dumbbells for next week. Similarly alter your bicep exercises regularly. Don’t let your muscles guess what you do in the gym, give them some suspense and give them the new.


Diet is the major factor that contributes the muscles growth directly. No matter how hard work you do at gym, if you don’t provide yourself with proper and nutritious food, there is no way you can improve your biceps size. Protein plays a key role in muscle growth, so you need to take high protein diet. Many body builders neglect diet issue, but you should remember that diet and exercise are the two sides of a coin when comes to body building. You can’t build a great body without proper diet.

Finally, maintain a good schedule of biceps workout. Don’t over train your biceps, workout only once in 5 days or a weak. Use various techniques and methods to exercise your biceps. Take high protein content food like eggs, meat and milk. When you decided to use protein supplements, choose a good protein supplement brand. Don’t completely depend on supplements, use supplements only when you feel you cannot fulfill the required protein and vitamin needs naturally. Follow the basic bodybuilding rules like stretching before and after working out.


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    • profile image

      jd khan 2 years ago

      Mujko bhi belder benna h

    • profile image

      manoj 4 years ago

      This information is very useful for making good biceps

    • florajohns profile image

      florajohns 5 years ago

      Hey nice hub. For bodybuilding nutrition and supplements are the major aspects of bodybuilding. They act as the dietary supplements used to replace meals, improve athletic performance, gain stamina, encourage weight loss.

    • profile image

      Abhiram 5 years ago

      It is very useful to me .thaks a lot sir......