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Best Tasting Protein Powders 2014

Updated on April 14, 2014

Best Tasting Protein Powders

Yuck! Blah!! Ewwww!!! That's the reaction I had following my first sip of a protein shake I made after my doctor told me I needed to change up my diet and start exercising more. Obviously that $15 canister of protein powder I bought at Walmart wasn't going to work for me. All protein shakes couldn't taste this bad, could they? Since a cousin of mine works at our local Max Muscle store and I was sure I wouldn't be the first person asking him, I simply asked him, "what is the best tasting protein powder?"

Research... Research... Research

I'm sure this is the question almost every person has when first using protein powder. Like me, you're probably already familiar with some of the benefits of protein powder whether it's for muscle gain, weight loss, weight gain, or simply convenience. I learned that no concensus exists on what the best tasting protein powder is. Since everybody's taste preferences are different, there is no single answer. It's the same as asking somebody what the best looking car is. You ask ten people and you'll probably get ten different answers.

After doing extensive research by talking with my cousin and spending hours reading online fitness, diet, and bodybuilding forums, I created a list of about 15 types of protein powders which were known for their good taste. I had my him order samples of these protein powders (including different flavors) through his connection at work. After trying every single sample over a period of time, I came up with a list of what I consider the top 5 best tasting protein powders for men and women. Honestly, they're all delicious except for a certain flavor here and there which I note. You will notice that one of the most popular protein powders of all time, Optimum Nutrition, is not on the list. While most of its flavors are not bad tasting, it's simply not as good tasting as the others. It's still a good choice if looking for a good cheap protein powder.


Since I'm not an expert on nutrition, I did not factor in nutritional information such as how much protein, calories, fat, or carbs were in each product. I understand that certain products may be better for putting on mass or losing weight so I've done my best to note what type of person would most benefit from that particular protein powder.

#1 - BSN Syntha-6

BSN SYNTHA-6 Protein Powder, Whey Protein, Micellar Casein, Milk Protein Isolate, Flavor: Vanilla Ice Cream, 28 Servings
BSN SYNTHA-6 Protein Powder, Whey Protein, Micellar Casein, Milk Protein Isolate, Flavor: Vanilla Ice Cream, 28 Servings

Syntha 6 is overall the best tasting protein powder available. All of the flavors taste rich and creamy (even in water), mix easily, and leave no aftertaste whatsoever. Even my wife enjoys the flavors after her P90X workout. I've tried all 11 of the available flavors and would rank them like this:Vanilla Ice Cream - Best vanilla available anywhere. Normally I like the more "unusual" flavors but keep coming back to this one. Tastes fantastic (just like vanilla bean ice cream) even when stirred with a spoon in water. Everybody should have this flavor on-hand since it's so versatile in recipes. Cookies and Cream - Delicious! I recommend mixing this with milk and throwing it in the freezer for a few minutes. Not an overpowering flavor and there are little bits of cookies in the shake. Banana - Definitely one of my favorites! It tastes similar to the banana-flavored Laffy Taffy we used to eat as kids. Very creamy. Strawberry Milkshake - To be honest, I don't like the taste of ANY strawberry flavored protein powders so I had my wife review this one. She says it is the best tasting strawberry protein powder she's ever had and it doesn't taste artificial like other brands. Chocolate Mint - If you like chocolate chip mint ice cream, you'll LOVE this flavor! It has a real creamy and refreshing taste. Chocolate Milkshake - Tastes just like creamy chocolate milk. Really good but chocolate is probably one of the easiest flavors for a company to produce. Orange Smoothie - Another great tasting fruit flavor. I love to make this with skim milk and a frozen banana in the blender. Chocolate Peanut Butter - Tastes similar to Reeces Peanut Butter Cups. I like the taste but prefer chocolate milkshake just a bit more. Caramel Latte - This flavor is a good changeup from the regular chocolate/vanilla regiment. Tastes similar to the latte I get at Dunkin Donuts. Prefer this over Mochaccino. Chocolate Cake Batter - Very interesting flavor. Most companies make cake batter flavor way too thick. This one actually has a slightly lighter but frothier consistency than Chocolate Milkshake. It's also a tad sweeter. Mochaccino - I thought this would be one of my favorites since I love coffee but it's a little too sweet for my tastes.


Syntha 6 is hands-down the best tasting protein available.

— IDoSquidoo

#4 - Muscle Pharm Combat

MusclePharm Combat Powder Advanced Time Release Protein, Chocolate Peanut Butter, 4 Pound
MusclePharm Combat Powder Advanced Time Release Protein, Chocolate Peanut Butter, 4 Pound

Muscle Pharm Combat protein powder is not as well known as the brands above but it is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Here are the 5 best tasting Muscle Pharm Combat flavors currently available:#1 - Chocolate Peanut Butter (tastes exactly like Reese's PB cups!)

#2 - Banana Cream (like drinking a banana cream pie)

#3 - Cookies and Cream (tastes fantastic but hard to find)

#4 - Orange Creamsicle (just like the name implies)

#5 - Chocolate Milk (nothing special, but quite good)


#5 - Beverly International UMP

Beverly International UMP Protein Powder 30 servings, Vanilla. Unique whey-casein ratio builds lean muscle and burns fat for hours. Easy to digest. No bloat.
Beverly International UMP Protein Powder 30 servings, Vanilla. Unique whey-casein ratio builds lean muscle and burns fat for hours. Easy to digest. No bloat.

Beverly International Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP) is one of the highest quality and best tasting protein powders out there. Currently they only offer 3 flavors but let me tell you, they're all incredibly good! Here is how I would rate them:#1 - Vanilla

#2 - Cookies and Creme

#3 - Chocolate


Best Way to Mix Protein Powder

There are three main ways to mix protein powder: using a blender, with a spoon/fork, or some sort of shaker cup. While a blender is the optimal way to make a protein shake (and the ONLY way if you want to blend ice or fruit in it), cleanup can be time-consuming and you can't exactly take a blender with you to work or plug one into your car's cigarette lighter.

While it's possible to simply use a spoon or fork to stir protein powder in milk or water, you're almost always guaranteed to have at least a few clumps of powder that won't break up. Some brands of protein powder mix better than others, but simply stirring liquid and powder to make a protein shake is the worst way of doing this.

A shaker cup, specifically a Blender Bottle, is the absolute best way to mix protein powder when you consider how cheap, effective, and easy to clean up it is. The secret to making a clump-free protein shake is its stainless steel wire whisk ball. You simply add your liquid first (water, milk, juice, etc.), add your protein powder, screw on the lid, and shake. Since the whisk ball does most of the work, it doesn't even take much effort. I have never had the lid leak on me either as with other shaker cups I've tried.

Honestly, for under 10 bucks it's a must-have item for anyone that uses protein powder. I have one I use at home as well as another I take to work. While I've never used it for anything other than mixing up a protein shake, I hear it's great for making salad dressing, pancake batter, scrambled eggs, and pudding.

What's YOUR favorite protein powder?

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    • profile image

      bodybuilders 3 years ago

      @ManbeardTheHuge: If taste is not a problem, try using pure raw natural whey, it doesn't get any more pure and to the point. Taste is to be desired, but you can always blend your own natural flavors in...

    • ManbeardTheHuge profile image

      ManbeardTheHuge 3 years ago

      Taste isn't always something I take into consideration with these things, but hey- good to know! Thanks for sharing.