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Lose weight with psyllium husk

Updated on June 24, 2013

Healthy Weight Loss

When it comes to choosing a weight loss supplement we have a great amount of options nowadays. As a matter of fact, the weight-loss industry is a very lucrative industry with new and improved products making it on the market on a regular basis. While some weight-loss products still contain ephedra which can have a negative side-effect on the nervous system, more and more products contain natural ingredients to gain the same effect but without the side-effects.

Psyllium Husk is an herb that can aid in successful weight-loss. It is also considered a medicinal herb that is filled with fiber, improving our intestinal health and helping us get rid of acidic waste buildup. One of the reasons why psyllium husk is such a powerful herb in helping us achieve healthy weight loss is the fact that it actually contains a spongy fiber. When this fiber comes in contact with water it expands. It has been one of the top herbs used in healthy weight loss or to simply keep the weight in control. If taken approximately 30 minutes before a meal, it provides a feeling of fullness. This way we eat less as we become fuller quicker.

To avoid mineral deficiency which often is the cause during weight loss we also need to provide the body with a mineral supplement in a natural form such as barley grass, super blue green algae or even pure aloe vera juice. A diet that is loaded with alkaline (minerals) will improve our toxin removel, increase our metabolism and help us reduce weight.

Optimum Intestinal Health for improved weight loss

Optimum intestinal health is very important for successful weight loss. Eating plenty of fiber, drinking plenty of water and eating 5-6 smaller meals can help us improve our digestion. Psylliium Husk has shown to be very effective in fighting constipation and diarrhea. It creates a healthy balance in our intestinal tract. It contains more soluble fiber than oat bran and will provide an easy and loose stool for people with constipation. For those suffering from diarrhea, it has become a helpful medicinal herb as it soaks up excessive fluid in the intestinal tract, therefore making stool slower to pass. Furthermore, it cleanses the intestinal tract of unwanted foreign invadors, keeping it healthy and working properly.

Washing out toxins for better weight loss

Sometimes we think that if we eat less and only low-fat products we should get rid of excessive weight in no time. While this might work over a short period of time, it won't last and only help us gain even more weight. Often the reasons are an excessive amount of toxin build-up, the wrong food choices and little knowledge about our metabolism.

Psyllium husk doesn't just help us give that feeling of fullness and improve our digestive health, it also activates a scrubbing action initiating a cleansing effect. By drinking plenty of water we then wash out these toxins allowing our metabolism to be more effective. In addition to having less toxins within our body and wanting to keep it that way we need to consider a healthy alkalin supplement such as barley grass, superbluegreen algae or aloe vera juice and consider healthy food choices that keep our ph balanced. The lower our ph, the harder our body has to work to neutralize acids.

Consider a diet that is made up of approximately 70% alkaline foods and 30% acidic food along with an alkaline-rich supplement and psyllium husk to help you get rid of toxins, improve your digestive functions and help you reduce a large appetite.

Potential risks

There are some potential health risks when taking psyllium husk. As this natural herb expands very quickly it is important to swallow it quickly and with plenty of water. Psyllium husk can be taken in capsule form or the powder can be mixed with a favorite juice. It should never be swallowed as is as this can pose some risks of choking. It may also be mixed into a yoghurt or a healthy smoothy giving it a consistency that is easy to swallow. If it seems too thick then adding some additional juice or water to your drink will help it move down your throat very smoothly.


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