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Puffy Eyes treatments and cures

Updated on October 3, 2014

Puffy eyes remedies

I you are tired of looking tired then do something about it ! There are many easy remedies for puffy eyes including preventative measures and some easy cures. Getting proper sleep can aid the symptoms and there are many ways to improve your sleep pattern. Diet can also be key as too much salt is a major contributor to puffy eyes. If you are already suffering then there are many herbal remedies you can use to alleviate the symptoms.

Puffy Eyes Remedies

The full story

Some people are prone to puffy eyes and this can start at an early age because of their family genes. It can be just on of the things we are goverened by the genes passed by our parents. However for many of puffy or baggy eye sufferers this is a condition which is a combination of lifestyle and of the nautral aging process.

All is not lost though and in most cases there are many of remedies which I shall have a look at in this article. Surgery is obviously a tried and tested option and if done correctly then the results can be fantastic.

Going under the knife would not be an option for myself as i am not fond of the thought of being cut by a surgeon and there is always that chance, however small of surgery going wrong.That along with the high price tag rules out this effective option for a great many people in the world. It still remains something that only the richer classes can consider.

Many of the leading cosmetic brands have many different eye creams and eye care solutions on the market. They all claim that their products are all singing and dancing but finding a product that consistantly produces results is very hard . It can ge great for some and not for others and some of the prices on these products are very high. Many of these products come in very small tubes and have a very big price. There is no doubt that there are quality ingredients that work inside the various solutions but kissing a lot of frogs before you find your prince can be very expensive.

It is hardly a surprise then that people look for cheaper, more natural solutions to help combat their dark rings and baggy eyes. That being said there is a lot complete nonsense talked about the type of home remedies that people swear they ahev been using for puffy eyes.Old wives tales in other words and I promise you that rubbing garlic on therings under your eyes will do nothing except make them smell.

Listed below are some simple and safe remedies that will give some improvement to your baggy eyes and dark rings.They are either free to do or extremely cheap.

They are:

A full night's sleep

Drinking water throughout the day

The juice of a lemon

Teabags and/or Potato or Cucumber

Regular sleep means eight hours,uninterupted sleep per night.T will have an amazing impact in reducing dark or bags around the eyes. Drinking water regularly helps hydrate the body and this can be done throughout the day without any real difficulty.

With great care apply some lemon juice to the dark rings around your eyes. Be very careful and never allow the juice anywhere near the actual eyeball as that is a very painful thing to do.

You can slice some cucumber or a raw potato or use some old but still moist teabags for the next remedy. Place which ever you have on to the eyelids and allow to stay there for around 10-15 minutes. Over some weeks you should notice a distinct improvement.

I hope you have found this article useful in identifying the many puffy eyes remedies that are available.

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