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Pulse Oximeter - Gift Idea for the Health Conscious

Updated on March 15, 2014

I love this little medical 'gadget.' It's fun to just put it on my finger and see the read out of my pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation level. It only takes 5-15 seconds to give a reading. The graphical display is easy to read. It has big numbers and several different designs. You can change the orientation and alternate between a heart rate graph display and a pulsing line.

The one button and large numbers makes this easy for any child or adult to use. I'm interested in how my own body is working, so I use this periodically just to see what's going on with me. After exercise, I check to see my pulse and see how well my heart rate recovers to a normal speed. While relaxing, I check my pulse and see if I can lower it by altering my thoughts or breathing. It's a simple form of biofeedback. I often can lower my pulse by 10 to 20 beats per minute.

Not only does this display pulse, but it also displays oxygen saturation. This is something that people with health problems like COPD might find helpful to monitor how they are doing. It's a quick way to check for a low blood oxygen level.

I bought one for my Mom for Christmas. She's a bit of a health nerd so I knew she'd like it!

The quality is quite high. I've had this for six months and haven't needed to change batteries yet. It's never glitched or even sneezed! It reliably responds the same way every time. As the instructions suggest, I have cleaned the inside with rubbing alcohol a few times to ensure that the oximeter continues to get the correct reading.

I'd recommend this brand oximeter and pulseimeter to anyone who wants an accurate device. As a gift idea, this would please a wide variety of people, from medical and science students to the elderly.

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