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Lets Be A Breast Aware World

Updated on May 27, 2016

Come on Ladies: We all have them! Lets talk 'breasts'

All of the the Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Grandmothers, Aunts, Girlfriends and women we know have them. Yes we are talking about what lies on our chests, we are talking about breasts. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors and go by so many names: breasts, boobs, ta-ta, tits, titties, hooters, and so on, just to name a few!

Every woman has them, so why they are still a fairly taboo subject. Why? In this day and age would a couple of sacks, that consist of a fatty substance, be off limits? Come on world! Catch up with the times! Lets embrace the breast. They nourish our young. They fill in our shirts and they are not going anywhere!

When you are born, odds are that you mother nourished you with her breasts. Breasts are a part of our lives from the time that we are born. They grow with us and they give us shape, they feed our babies and we need to ensure that our breasts are healthy and well cared for. A supportive bra, a good supplement and completing self examinations are key to keep those ta-ta's in tip-top, healthy shape!

Unlike my other articles, this one featuring the breast, will have minimal pictures due to the delicate subject at hand.This lens is not about displaying breasts, but discussing them.

Thank you for your understanding...

— Lou Cannon

Knowledge is power


When was the last time you did a breast examination?

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We have them for life

Ok girls! You should never wait to go in for a breast examination. You live with those things that lie on your chest, get to know them!

Personally, I have a set of breasts... SURPRISE! In my youth they were a perky 'C', then I got pregnant and they were an 'E', which was no fun to carry those heavy things around! They nourished three children for a combined total of about 2.5 years and then BAM! My girls dropped to a 'B' and a couple of inches! Like our lives, our breasts will take their very own journey through life.

As I have gained wisdom (my way of saying I have got older), had weight fluctuations and life, my breasts decided to rebel against gravity and have decided that they are going south on me. Don't get me wrong, no negative here ladies! My breasts have served such a grand purpose in this life they deserve a little retirement time. Remember, nursing three kids for 2.5 years, personally I feel like I should get a sticker that says 'Good Job'!

We need to know our girls!

In recent years I have gotten to know my breasts and you should too. This may sound a bit excessive, but I now do a breast examination every time I have a shower. When I first started doing self-examinations I wasn't very serious about them...

Here and there, now and then, in reality I really only did them once in a while. Here and there, here and there... then one day I realized, wow, time passes. It had easily been a year since I did one. How could I have been so selfish with my life? Take my health for granted. Too many women die every year due to breast cancer. And here I was, an entire year without a breast exam? My life is not something that I can jeopardize...

Like many women out there, I have children, a mother, a father, a husband... and so many more people in my life who care about me. There was just no excuse other than a lazy stupidity that I let a year go by between my self examinations. My mistake that became very serious, very fast.


Don't let it happen to you...

My story...

There is no breast cancer in my family, yet there I was, ten years ago sitting on the exam table at my doctors office. That year long gap of no breast exams? The reason why I am now so diligent on doing them all the time? I found a lump, a very sizable lump. It seemed to unbelievable at first that I literally stood there in the shower until the water ran cold and I was physically shaking from the drops of ice water that ran over me. Examining, examining and examining. Comparing one side to the other, there was no doubt and I was in utter disbelief. The upper, outer side of my left breast that had been slightly tender, had a lump.

I got out of the shower, wrapped my towel around my body, without drying off and walked out of the bathroom in a daze. I headed to my bedroom, closed the door and locked before I laid down on the bed... and then I cried really, really hard, smothering my sobs into my pillow. Once I was able to collect myself, to some degree, I made a phone call to my doctors office, explained what I had found and was told that I could come right in. Right in? Like now? Yes...

At Dr. K's office I sat on on the exam room table, in a little paper gown, feeling colder then I had ever felt in my life. To this day I do not recall Dr. K coming into the room, I don't recall laying down. Everything was such a blur... he did the exam and confirmed that there was something there. With that said he told me he wanted me to go for a breast ultrasound. He left the room and I got dressed. When he came back he had already set up the appointment. In about a week, I was to travel an hour to get the ultrasound.

This experience scared me. That week long wait was torture, physically and emotionally. Within those few days I wrote a will, held my kids ten times more, called my mother and begged the universe to let it be a false alarm. Someone was watching over me, because that false alarm prayer was answered. My diagnosis? I have a hardening of the left exterior of my breast tissue and no breast cancer -- though I was instructed to continue to monitor my breasts very closely for any changes and call my doctor for an appointment if I noticed any differences in my breast .

Don't let a year go by in between exams, this is your life we are talking about and you are too important to wait.

Every woman should know how to do a self breast examination...

Breast Augmentation?

Thousands and thousands of women have turned to the scalpel and have underwent breast augmentation to enhance their bust lines... But why? For curves? To increase the enjoyment of their partner? Or... For themselves?

If you are considering getting breast augmentation to help make your clothes fit better... Have you considered other options? You can get bra inserts that give you a very natural look without having to undergo the doctors knife!

Be aware -- Avoid a breast scare... You have loved ones who count on you!

We need to keep on top of our health, which includes our breasts


Keep the ta-ta's healthy

It is never too early to keep 'those girls' healthy!

The world of natural health has really exploded in the last decade and the options out there are astounding! A multivitamin is a great catch all to supplement your over-all health... But locating a 'Breast' based compound, especially if there is a history of breast cancer in your family, is a must and are easily located in health food stores and your run of the mill pharmacy.

The key to locating that perfect product is to take in to account the entire woman. For this purpose I fully recommend stopping in at a dedicated health food store. Talk to the consultant and find out what they suggest. The prices are often quite high in these specialty stores, but they know what they are talking about, they talk the talk, and they walk the walk! (Oh ya, and by the way, you do not have to make the purchase there... Need to find a more budget minded price? Grab the name of what you need from the consultant at the health food store and head on out to the local pharmacy... They will most likely have what you are looking for for a few bucks less.)

Be the BrEST you can be... For you, your family and your future...

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    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 3 years ago from Canada

      This is hilarious but oh so vital. I love the retirement theme of breasts. Oh how so very true that is. What a wonderful way to view the breast and all the functions that it performs.