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Quick and Natural Ways to Loose Weight

Updated on March 9, 2016

We have named this week as 'The Weight Loss Week'. So the entire week we will be talking about the Dos and Don't s of weight loss, how you can lose weight instantly without any side effects.

In the present day where most of us are prone to stick to our office desks, managing a healthy lifestyle is quite a challenging thing to do. Weight loss is not just about eating right. It is more than just food. Losing weight is more about a strong will and a determination to give up things that you love doing the most, like hogging on junk food, getting up late in the morning, sitting in front of the idiot box for hours and so on.

When it comes to maintaining weight, there is just one simple rule: eat only as much as you can burn. If the intake of calories is more than that you can burn, you are more likely to gain weight. The unused calories get deposited in different parts of the body, in the form of fats which eventually gives rise to obesity.

The first thing that you need to do is prepare yourself for the weight loss regime. Make sure you follow it till you achieve the desirable results. It should not be like a two-day trip. Also, remember that most diet plans fail because they can be followed only for a specific period of time. Losing weight suddenly or within a few days is certainly not recommended by doctors, nutritionists and dietitians.You should do it gradually with lots of patience.

If you make healthier changes in your daily routine, you can easily maintain your weight without even giving up on your favorite foods.

One Piece at a Time

This is the golden rule that we all should apply in our lives. Eat whatever you want but keep it minimal. Say if you have already had two pieces of chocolate, don't go for the third one. Same goes with other foods too. Try having little at a time, instead of having everything all at once.


Chew your food as simple as that. Chewing boosts digestion and makes you feel full after having just a small amount of meal. Try eating slowly with smaller bites. While eating you should only concentrate on your food rather than watching television or chatting on the phone because this way you tend to eat more than required. Hastily eaten meals do not satisfy your stomach and make you feel hungry after some time.

The best way to enjoy a meal is to eat slowly with a few sips of water in between. Research says that this helps in suppressing hunger levels and lower the intake of calories/energy.

Drink Water

You should, at least, have 3 liters of water every day to let your system function smoothly. Water helps eliminate toxins in the body. The water content in our body is lost each hour in the form of sweat and urine which needs to be replenished by drinking water at regular intervals.

Water intake also makes you feel hydrated. Most of the times people are not hungry but exhausted which makes them feel hungry. Drinking water prevents dehydration.

Do Not Skip Your Morning Meal

Breakfast is an essential meal of the day. After fasting for a long stretch of eight hours, your breakfast is the first meal that you have. So it is necessary to keep it healthy and nutritious. The functioning of your body for the entire day will depend on what you have in the morning. Include milk, fruits, cereals, oats etc. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can have an omelet or boiled eggs for breakfast.

Those who have their breakfast regularly, are less likely to feel hungry or exhausted throughout the day as compared to those who skip their first meal of the day.

Use Less Oil in Cooking

Replace your regular cooking oil with a healthier version such as olive oil. If it does not suit your budget, you can even opt for coconut oil. These oils have fewer fats and are known to reduce your appetite.

Cut Down Sugar Intake

Substitute cakes and cookies with natural fruit juices, nuts and honey. These foods will help satisfy your craving for sweets along with maintaining your health quotient.

These were a few tips just to begin with. We will be discussing more on weight loss in the next few days. Till then keep yourself fit and stay tuned for our health updates.


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