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Quit Marijuana - Learn How To Stop Smoking Weed for Good

Updated on December 10, 2009

Are you sick of being a marijuana smoker?

How To Stop Smoking Weed - Develop Your Will Power

When you read about making changes in life, such as learning how to quit smoking pot, one of the most common topics we hear about is Will Power. Will power is the process of setting your mind to a goal and not changing from that path. With all of the talk of will power in making lifestyle changes, you might think that willpower is the key to success. The truth is, will power is only one of the keys to success. Keep Reading to learn how to use your will power to Stop Smoking Weed

Generating Will Power

One of of the keys to developing will power is to truly desire the goal you are seeking. Wanting to quit smoking marijuana is not enough. I wanted to quit, and tried to quit unsuccessfully for a couple years. The reason it didn't work is because I wasn't behind my decision 100 percent. If you are a religious or spiritual person, it helps to involve your spiritual self when you quit marijuana. Prayer, meditation, or another ritual can help align your soul with your goal. It's not enough to think that you want to quit, you have to know and feel with your whole self that you want to make a change and quit smoking pot forever. You will be successful if you fully align yourself with your goal.

Will Power - It's in your hands!

Harness Your Will Power to Quit Marijuana

Once you have generated will power, and made a decision to quit, you NEED a plan.   Think of it this way, your will power is like an engine in a car, the more willpower you have, the bigger your cars engine.   It’s not enough to have an engine, you have to know where to drive too!   All of the desire in the world will do you no good if you don’t know how to apply it toward your goal to quit marijuana.   Now what you need is directions from people who have been there before.

Get a Map to The Goal

If you really want to be succesfull quitting marijuana, I highly recommend you check out How to Stop Smoking Weed It is a blog about quitting marijuana and what actually works!


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