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Quit smoking the easy way

Updated on May 26, 2016

I used no drugs, no medication, no nicotine replacement products such as patches, nicorettes, inhaler, mouth spray or lozenges, no E-cigarettes or vamping. I didn't go through psychotherapy, had no peer support and didn't join a quit team or got any community help. I used no apps and didn't even make a quit smoking plan.

What I did use was a good dose of EFT and a little willpower to make the actual decision to quit. I experienced no stress and no side effects.

I smoked about a pack and a half/day for more than 30 years. I previously tried to quit smoking a couple of times but failed. These first times I tried to quit smoking, it was very difficult and unpleasant. I had to use a lot of willpower and it caused me lots of stress. Cravings were really strong and all I could think about was having a cigarette. I had a surge of energy that I didn't know what to do with, was easily irritated and gave hell to everyone around me... The habit was deeply rooted and I found not smoking abnormal as if something vital was missing. I compensated by snacking, chewing gum, drinking water and munching on toothpicks, but nothing really satisfied me. Certain times were particularly hard, especially after meals, while having coffee or when working on the computer. Contrary to what I thought, the following days weren't any better... Every time someone lit up a cigarette around me, it was torture. Nonetheless, I managed to resist a few weeks and the cravings eventually decreased. I felt great and so proud that I told everyone about it. Yes, it was still hard but I had done it, the worst was over! This is when I let my guard down and tricked myself into believing that I could actually have a puff of someone else's cigarette with no consequences... Before I knew it, this turned into a regular habit and as I annoyed every smoker around, I eventually moved on to asking for a whole cigarette. Back then, the price of tobacco was much lower than it is now, but still, I could not go on asking everyone so I ultimately reasoned that I could just buy a pack and smoke one occasionally… Of course, in no time at all, I was back to smoking that pack and a half per day... I hated myself for this failure and if that wasn't enough, I had gained about 10 pounds… My self-esteem took a real hit!

The problem was that I fought the addiction and the habits but never actually got rid of them. With the first emotional stress I experienced, I was inclined to plunge again and had to use lots of willpower to resists the urge. Tired of this struggle, my tricky mind eventually had the better of me.

Fortunately, I one day discovered EFT and my quitting experience was then totally different. I was so amazed by this that I learned the technique thoroughly and became a therapist myself.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and was developed by a Stanford engineer named Gary Craig. It's a simple technique that uses aspects of both psychoanalysis and acupuncture. It consists of gently tapping key energy points of the body with your fingers while repeating an appropriate phrase to focus the mind on the issue. It is extremely efficient and when done properly, frees the mind and body of the addiction and its associated habits.

I still had to make a conscious decision to quit, but this time with the help of this technique, I experienced no stress. I kicked off the habit so easily that even during the first week, cigarettes were hardly on my mind. I didn't snack or drink to compensate, nor chew gum, toothpicks or anything else. I didn't feel nervous and was not unpleasant to those around me. In fact, the person I lived with was a heavy smoker and she continued to smoke as usual, right next to me, even in the car. It did not affect me and I never smoked or even wished to smoke again!

Today, I am a non-smoker and no longer addicted to smoking. I hope my story can help others and I provide EFT sessions for those who wish to quit through Skype and email from my website EFT Service. I also provide sessions for an array of other emotional issues such as other addictions, anxiety, fears and phobias or traumas.


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