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I Quit smoking with an Electronic Cigarette-Electronic Cigarette Review

Updated on February 19, 2012
kmackey32 profile image

Kristie has worked in a nursing home for the last 12 years. She has held titles such a director and assistant director of activities.

I have been a pack a day smoker for 20 plus years and although I have always wanted to quit, I couldn't. The craving for nicotine was hard for me to just stop picking up that cigarette. Unless you have ever been addicted to cigarettes you would not understand. Many people including my doctor would tell me I needed to quit smoking.

A few months ago I got very sick. I could not breath. It was the worst case of broncitis I had ever had. I found myself gasping for air, yet I still wanted that cigarette. My doctor had asked me if I had ever tried electronic cigarettes. I had not tried electronic cigarettes although I had heard about them. Last year on a trip to see my brother in North Carolina he had an electronic cigarette at his house but he was not using it, he was smoking real cigarettes.

My doctor gave me a couple boxes of patches to try to quit smoking because I have no health insurance, I could not afford to buy the patches. I found myself still wanting to put a cigarette in my mouth and taking a couple puffs a couple times a day. I wanted the feeling of taking a drag of a cigarette. The patches helped me cut way back. I then tried some nicorette gum along with patches. It worked for a few days but I still wanted the feeling of a real cigarette.

I Bought the Electronic Cigarette

After a month of trying to stop smoking I was driving home from work and decided to stop at the Indian Reservation store called Ron's Smoke Shop in Vandalia to see if they had the famous electronic cigarette everyone was talking so much about. Ironically the store had just got a new shipment in right before got there and I was the first person to purchase one. The clerk informed me they carried a different kind prior to the kind I bought but not many people liked it. The kind I bought is a 21st century. It is regular, full flavor. They also carry menthol and disposable electronic cigarettes. The cost of the one I bought was $40 and it is rechargable. It comes with a wall charger and two cartridges. One of the cartridges has lasted me 5 days as of today. I really like the electronic cigarette and I think anyone who is desperate to stop smoking should give the electronic cigarette a try.

What is an electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette has the appearance of a traditional cigarette but it is plastic. The end lights up red or yellow when you take a puff from it. It looks and acts like a real cigarette except it does not burn tobacco or tar. It releases water vapor. You can smoke it any place and no one will smell it. I will no longer have to go out side in the freezing cold while I am at work for a cigarette.

Anyone who has been trying to quit smoking needs to try an electronic cigarette. It has been about a week and I have not picked up a real cigarette since using the electronic cigarette.


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    • Kate Stone profile image

      Kate Stone 3 years ago from Kilkenny, Ireland

      Electronic cigarettes are not a 100% healthy alternative to traditional smoking. However there is no doubts that comparing to analog cigarettes are less harmful.

      The most important is to use good quality liquids from checked source. I am using e liquid Eirhorse BH. These e liquids were tested by CMA Trinity Dublin so I know what I am inhaling.

    • tylerjbullock profile image

      tylerjbullock 5 years ago from United States

      Yeah I completely switched from tobacco cigarettes (analogs) to electronic. I even tried smoking an analog a few weeks ago and threw it away after a few puffs. I love the flavors, less intense smoke and general convenience of the electric version.

      I wrote a hub about how electronic cigarettes work, check it out if you want.

    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 6 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      I have still been doing really well with no smoking. I heard about the man who had one blow up in his face. I wonder if there is more behind the story. Billions of people smoke the electric cigs and this has never happened before.

    • sportgames profile image

      sportgames 6 years ago from Ashter Street 14, New Yok

      I was smoking for 10 years and I quit about 6 months ago just with the help of my will, but a little help it would have been nice.

    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 6 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      Well it has been about a week so far. I will keep you posted.

    • hypnosis4u2 profile image

      hypnosis4u2 6 years ago from Massachusetts

      I'm interested to know how it works for you as well.

    • puter_dr profile image

      Mike Bouska 6 years ago from Midwest USA

      I have a friend that has smoked for 40 years. He was a 2 pack a day smoker. I convinced him to try the e-cigs, just as a measure to save money. Once he had the e-cigs a couple weeks, he decided to use them to get off tobacco. He has now stopped smoking and he hasn't smoked since Dec 1.

    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I've always wondered if the electronic cigarette worked or not. I wish you much success with this, and hope that you'll keep us updated as to how it is going.