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TEETER HANG UPS REVIEW - Read This Before You Decide!

Updated on February 9, 2014

Teeter Hang Ups Review

After years of suffering chronic back pain after a car accident in December 1999, I discovered this wonderful Teeter Hang Ups machine which helped me tremendously in relieving my back pain.

I'd like to give my honest opinion and review for the Teeter Hang Ups machine here on this website and help you decide if it's something for you worth buying or not.

I'll try to cover the following topics:

- What is Teeter Hang Ups Anyway?
- Video on YouTube with the Benefits
- How Does Teeter Hang Ups Works?
- Why is Teeter Hang Ups Better than the Rest?
- Other (cheaper) Back Pain Relief Solutions

By the end of this Teeter Hang Ups Review you will be able to tell if this is the right machine for you and whether it fits into your budget.

What Is Teeter Hang Ups Anyway?

Teeter Hang Ups is created in 1981 by Roger Teeter (age: 72), he's the founder of "Teeter Hang Ups".

Roger created Teeter Hang Ups so people could live healthier and more active lifes. Roger was just like me suffering chronic back pain and after he invented the hang ups it changed his life and nowadays the lifes from many other people.

Teeter Hang Ups is easy-to-use:

1) Set it
2) Lock it
3) Recline & Relax

3-5 minutes a day using Teeter Hang Ups will Relieve Back Pain, Relieve Stress, Improve Posture, Rejuvenate Joint Health and Build Core Strength.

The Teeter Hang Ups offers relieve from Back Pain, naturally targetting the source of the aid by Relaxing Tense Muscles and providing decompression that can help to restore the nutrition to the discs, Reduces Nerve Pressure and Realigns the Spine.

Medical and scientists around the world have shown the benefits of inversion. Over 2 MILLION people have put their trust in Teeter Hang Ups for a better back and a better body!

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Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Review

How Does Teeter Hang Ups Work? Does Teeter Hang Ups Work?

Let's take a look at the back.

This is what happens on a daily basis: Gravity and impact activities cause compression of the spungy discs in your spine, decreasing flexibilty and adding painful pression on the nerves.

Basic movements can cause misalignment. Even sitting extended periods, can lead to a compression, discomfort and pain!

The Teeter Hang Ups offers relief from back pain by naturally targetting the source of the aid. It relaxes tense muscles and provides decompression that can help to restore nutrions to the discs, reduce nerve pressure and realign the spine.

What does Dr. William L. Tontz, M.D. (Orthopedic Surgeion) has to say about Teeter Hang Ups?

"A daily routine (which is what Roger recommends) is a very good way of getting your back in great shape. So that, as we stay vertical for a lifes, we don't start breaking down later on.

It is really a tremendous contribution to a part of the whole workout routine required for maintaining a good healty back."

Why Is Teeter Hangup Better Than The Rest?

Rated #1 Inversion Table

There are a lot of look-a-likes out there but they simply do not match up to Teeters Hangup Quality.

In Side-by-Side comparison testing the Teeter Hang Ups is proven the best table on the market...PERIOD (Check out the Performance Chart below)!

In endurance testing Teeter exceeded the UL safety requirements. The average performance of all of the look-a-likes was only ten percent (10%) of the safety requirements! That is ALARMING!

Let's take a look at the strength test. The look-a-likes averaged only 30 percent (30%) recommended by UL, while Teeter exceeded the standard. The testing shows that the Teeter Hang Ups is build to last.

The Keyfeatures

-Most important is the Heat-Treated Steel which is 3x stronger than normal steel. Also the Auto-Loking Hinges and Patented Cam Locks for security and safety.
-Ergo-Embrace Ankle System for comfort and security.
-The Teeter is Precisely Balanced making it the Easiest Table to Use on the market.
-New ComforTrak Bed design with pressure reducing shape maximizes spinal comfort and flexes with the users to Enhance Joint Mobilization.

The innovative trak design comes with adjustable Acupressure Nodes and the Lumbar Bridge.

The data clearly demonstrates Teeter Hangup exceptional quality!

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      It's quality and it rellay works!out of 5 starsI've had my Teeter Hang Ups 5000 for a year now. I purchased the Teeter Hang Ups 5000 to alleviate pain and pressure from two herniated lumbar discs. This device works very well. My suggestion is to use it frequently to keep the pain away. I seem to climb on when my back pain flares up again and I keep telling myself I should use it regularly. Another benefit is a general good felling after stretching. It does decompress the spine and makes movement easier.My impression while setting up the unit was fantastic. The quality of the unit is top-notch and the instructions were fairly straight forward. I had a bit of confusion when setting the tabs that connect the table to the frame relative to the weight of the user. I must admit I skimmed over the instructions first. When you place the table' on the frame, it's good to have help as it is somewhat akward and a bit heavy. It is also easy to fold up the unit to lean it against the wall. Don't think you're going to easily move it any distance, like to put it under a bed in another room. It is slightly akward and heavy to move but know that it is so because its so well constructed.BE SURE to watch the DVD that comes with the unit. It makes using it so much easier. I spent some time trying to recline and it seemed so tough, then once I got vertical, I had a hard time coming back. After the DVD, it was a snap, and achieving the `balance' point on the board made it effortless to go back and come up.In closing, I'd buy this model again and recommend it to you.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      At last! Someone who unsaedtrnds! Thanks for posting!

    • MikeNV profile image


      5 years ago from Henderson, NV

      You have way too many ads on your article. Put a few links up and near the top. Having every model they list just works against you. Confusion is not a good sales tool. :)

      Anyway I have one of these tables an older model. And they work really well and will help you relax and feel better. The only downside is if you are pretty tall it's annoying that you harms will hang and hit the floor. Sure they are adjustable but only to a point. It's much more relaxing if you can have your arms hanging free and not touching the floor at all. Unfortunately for a tall person with 8 foot ceilings in their home there isn't room to do this. People might be scared a bit at first of being completely upside down and not being able to get back upright. But it's as simple as shifting your arms just a bit. Nothing at all like doing a sit up. The balance of this works exactly like a teeter totter. The slightest shift in weight and you come right back up. I'd buy it all over again. I believe I paid about $300 for mine.


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