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Recurrent Yeast Infections

Updated on May 24, 2009

You don't need to suffer from chronic yeast infections

5 percent of women now suffer from recurrent yeast infections. This number doesn't need to be this high, and the problem of this type of yeast infection is, the real cause of the infection is not being treated first.

Just applying cream or taking oral anti fungal medicines in the hope that your infection will disappear is not going to work. These medicines are great for killing fungus, but they don't prevent it from coming back.

The cause needs to be targeted so the Candida yeast that lives in your body can no longer mutate into an infection causing fungus.

The Candida Yeast That Lives In Your Body

We all have the Candida yeast living in our body. There's nothing we can do about that as it is swallowed with food on a daily basis. What prevents everyone who's healthy from getting a yeast infection is, there body has natural defenses that are keeping the Candida yeast under control.

Once your body loses control of the yeast that is when you suffer from chronic Candida overgrowth. The yeast mutates into an aggressive fungus when your body can no longer keep it under control, and this is when your symptoms start.

It's the fungus that is causing the itching because it feeds on your skin cells, and this feeding is also going on in your intestines. As the fungus breeds it starts searching for new skin cells to feed on, and the itching will get more intense and widespread.

Benefical Bacteria and Recurrent Yeast Infections

One major cause of recurrent yeast infections is a low level of beneficial bacteria in your body. The main reason why anyone has a low level of bacteria is antibiotics use.

Antibiotics kill beneficial bacteria as well as kill the bacteria they were intended for. This allows the Candida to multiply because beneficial bacteria keep the Candida under control.

Your Immune System

Antibiotics also weaken the immune system, and your immune system needs to be strong to fight off all types of infections.

If you've used antibiotics a lot in the past then your body can become reliant on them to fight off all infections. Your body begins to know that you're going to use them so it gives up fighting infections itself.

Once you rebuild the strength of your immune system your body will be able to fight of the fungus much better.

Starving the fungus

In order for your body to be able to stop the recurrence of your infections you must starve the fungus. This means you must avoid all foods that feed it with the main food type being sugar.

The mutated Candida loves sugar, and as long as you continue to eat it, and any food that contains it you'll never cure your recurrent infections.

There are a lot of foods that can feed the yeast, and all of these need to be avoided. Once you do your health will change for the better. Your energy will increase, you'll lose weight and your complexion will look better.

What you wear

A lot of women are unaware that the clothing they have on can contribute to chronic fungal infections. If you're suffering then you need to wear clothes that allow the infected area to breath.

Nylon underwear will make the area more humid than usuall, and white cotton is a much better item of underwear to choose. Fungus loves warm moist areas of your body and anything that will make the area warmer will make your infections worse.

Getting the help you need

Once your body has become a breeding ground for fungus it can be extremely difficult to reverse what has happened.

Just one mistake in what you're doing can send your progress back days or even weeks. Some women take over a year to stop their infections if they try on their own because they don't fully understand what causes the yeast to mutate in their body.

You can get all the help you need from Sarah Summer. Sarah Summer has helped tens of thousands of men and women worldwide eliminate fungus from their body.

You can find out more about Sarah Summer here - Natural Recurrent Yeast Infection Cure


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