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How reflexology helped a bunion!

Updated on November 27, 2012

case study of one bunion, one 70 year old gent and one reflexologist

Photographs and individual experiences of a pair of feet during a year of reflexology treatments. Reflexology is a calming treatment with great benefits for mind and body. This lens looks at the journey of one pair of 70 year old feet, their bunions and their experiences of reflexology.

First Treatment

Meet the feet

This 70 year old retired gent lives with his wife and enjoys looking after his grandchildren and gardening. He admits to being over weight and eating too much fatty food. He takes medication for acid reflux, back pain, and a choloesterol lowering drug which has had good results. This client hopes reflexology will help him to feel uplifted and assist him in making other positive life changes such as reducing his weight and increasing his activity levels.

At the first treatment session the client presented with a painful swollen red left great toe. This had been diagnosed as a bunion and had been an ongoing problem for years, gradually becoming more awkward and uncomfortable. Ths client explained how this bunion limited his activity levels and often prevented him from walking any distance.

I performed a full holistic reflexology treatment. The bunion was not painful to touch. This client has other health concerns such as sinusitus and gout but this study will focus on the effects on the bunion. As a reflexologist I knew reflexology could boost health and wellness along with helping clients with stress management and overcoming anxiety. I was however amazed at the positive effects reflexology had on this gentleman's bunion and his mobility.

After six treatments

Looking good, feeling better

The client's feet have improved dramatically. The bunion is still there, reflexology can not move bones! But it is no longer hot, red and painful. Both feet are now a pinker hue with less reddened areas, Indicating the feet and the client are more balanced. The dry patches have lessened, due I assume to the massage wax used and the improved circulation achieved from massage and reflexology.

Now that is feet are no longer painful the client has increased his mobility and is planning to adopt a healthy diet. With comfortable feet he can now look to make other positive changes.

A year later

Still going strong

The client has been attending for regular maintenance treatments every two weeks and is still feeling great benefits. He has reduced his weight by approx 20lbs and feels fitter. The feet are still looking great and the bunion has not become red, inflamed or sore again. We are very pleased with the results, have a look at the photos and see if you can see the improvement that the client felt.

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