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How To Use Reflexology Socks At Home

Updated on April 14, 2013

The Easiest Way To Learn To Massage Feet

While reflexology socks may not give you the feeling of just getting a massage from a talented Reflexologist that spent years mastering their craft, reflexology socks can allow almost anyone give a great foot massage. They are great tools to give yourself a massage or to give one to someone else one. They really make the process of learning foot reflexology that much easier and relaxing.

This page is about foot reflexology socks and how to use them. I included videos because sometimes it's a lot easier to practice on yourself alongside the video while using the socks to learn the steps, then trying to use them while reading from the computer.

Tips For Using Reflexology Socks Correctly

  1. Always start with the left foot and end with the right foot.
  2. Use thumbs and fingers to massage and apply pressure to the zone you wish to effect.
  3. Pressure should be firm but must not cause pain or extreme discomfort.
  4. You can use a reflexology tool, such as a massage ball to apply pressure if you do not wish to use hands.

Foot Reflexology Socks

Reflexology socks come in many styles and some are aimed toward different types of pleasures. There are some reflexology socks designed to help someone with a specific health problem or just to get into a better mood. While some may ague the legitimacy of reflexology being a cure or even so much as a therapy, most do not ague that it feels great. And reflexology socks can help someone know where to rub or not to rub.

Basic Knead Reflexology Sox - Form Fitting Foot Socks for Massage Therapy
Basic Knead Reflexology Sox - Form Fitting Foot Socks for Massage Therapy

These reflexology socks are fun to wear and are great in getting a good foot massage, not to mention they are great in learning reflexology pressure points.


How To Use Reflexology Socks Video.

Reflexology socks are useful and easy to use, but it is helpful to see first hand how to use a pair of reflexology socks.

Spare Your Hands: - Foot Massage Tools Can Be Great Hand Savers

Consider using massage ball, Thai Foot Massage Sticks or other massage tools to apply pressure when using reflexology on the foot.

Does Foot Reflexology Work?
Does Foot Reflexology Work?

Why Does Foot Reflexology Work?

According to a theory nerve endings directly under the skin on the bottom of the foot receive and pass impulses to and from the bodies organs. In this theory the feet are considered a map to the entire body and buy applying pressure to the adjacent nerves you can help heal or calm the organ of your choice.

(There are many theories that explain foot reflexology, this is just part of one.)

The gentle healing art of foot reflexology is an extremely effective form of therapy.

Free Foot Reflexology Guide

Free Foot Reflexology Guide
Free Foot Reflexology Guide

How To Use A Foot Reflexology Chart

Reflexology Socks can be so very useful because you do not have to keep looking at the chart and when you keep look back and forth at the chart you can lose focus. In this YouTube Video learn how to use a chart to give use foot reflexology methods.

Best Foot Reflexology Book

If you want to learn more about foot reflexology and deepen your foot reflexology skills consider this book for further reading.

Foot Reflexology - An Easy to Follow Step-by-Step
Foot Reflexology - An Easy to Follow Step-by-Step

This book gives a easy to follow step by step guide to giving a complete Foot Reflexology session.


History Lesson:

Foot reflexology dates back at least four thousand years ago, while once mainly only practiced by the ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Indian cultures today reflexology is practiced around the world. It is used in many cultures in natural healing processes.

Electronic Foot Massager - Great Gift For Yourself Or For Someone You Love

While a hands on foot reflexology treatment can be great sometimes we just do not have the energy to do it ourselfs or have someone to do it for us. This is when an electronic foot massager can be a real treat.

What Do You Think About Foot Reflexology? - Do You Have Foot Reflexology Socks?

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    • foot-massage profile image

      foot-massage 4 years ago

      Thank you! Great and informative lense!

    • profile image

      candy47 4 years ago

      I've had reflexology done by a professional, I liked it but it was kind of expensive. These reflexology socks are a great substitute, and they're quite affordable. Thanks for the info! Blessed.

    • Bill Armstrong profile image

      Bill Armstrong 5 years ago from Valencia, California

      Very nice, actually had some foot reflexology done in China, Beijing..sadly I did not enjoy, think they were too hard, think will try one over here to see how it is, thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      lauraklebsch 6 years ago

      don't have the socks but use a chart often on myself my boyfriend and my kids. its amazing how it works the socks are pretty cool too