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Reiki is Love

Updated on July 2, 2017

When you experience Reiki, you experience the communication of love from the Universe to all beings. From the time we are born, we are instinctively tactile beings, craving the loving touch of another person. There are so many wonderful healing arts that present touch to us. It is the touch we feel before the healing. And this touch, heals not just body, but mind and soul as well. To receive Reiki, whether performed by another practitioner or yourself, is to be held and supported by the loving life force of the Universe itself. You are receiving the cosmic energy that flows through everything on Earth.

Communication and the Universe

Reiki comes from the Universe. The same place that lovingly fills our lungs with breath each and every moments of the day. Reiki invites us to be open to this love, trusting in it and allowing it to flow through us. Rei has been translated into God's love, Universally or spiritually guided. Ki is energy. So, Reiki means Universally guided energy. Reiki has it's own intellegence. It has no boundaries or borders. It flows where it is most welcome. Reiki flows down through a practitioner's. This energy cannot be contained. It cannot be held on to. It belongs to everyone and everything. Reiki thrives everywhere. Reiki brings relief from pain, removes creativity blocks, and love when we need it the most and when we are ready to receive it.

Reiki Is for Everyone

It doesn't matter what your life situation is, rich or poor, spiritual, lonely. Reiki not only flows into you but it embraces you, enriches you. This energy is Divine wisdom and truth. It permeates the entire Universe. It has been here since before time began. It has been enjoyed by people from every walk of life, age, ethnic background, and religion. It promotes only positive living and compassion and love.

Universal Law

In many different ways, Reiki has shown us the true happiness we can fell when we live in harmony and with the laws of the Universe. If you want love, love freely. If you want to receive something, give freely. Reiki never drains the practitioner. The energy travels through the healer before it reaches the person beign healed. It is a never ending cycle, a fountain that never runs dry and constantly replenishes us. There is always more than enough to go around. Reiki has no opposite. It can never be used for malintent. In can only be used for positivity. Reiki doesn't need you to be a 4.0 student from Harvard to give or receive. Only an open mind. After an attunement, tha ablity to channel this energy is always with you. Reiki is unconditional love, and it begins with you.


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  • Ardie profile image

    Sondra 6 years ago from Neverland

    This sounds like an excellent way to live life. I will spend every day in search of experiencing Reiki. Thank you for sharing!