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Choosing A Reiki Massage Table

Updated on December 18, 2015

What is a Reiki Massage?

Reiki is a spiritual healing technique developed and practiced by Japanese Buddist since 1922. It was often referred to as "palm healing" and combined with massage it can be a very powerful form of relaxation and healing. Reiki practitioners act as a spiritual channel helping to heal a person's spirit or aura. Reiki can actually be performed without ever touching the body, as the main focus is to treat four areas of the body called chakra: the head, body, legs/feet and back.

This ancient form of healing is based on the idea that we have a life force energy flowing through our bodies which keeps us alive. When we are sick or feeling stressed, it is thought that our energy is low. With Reiki massage therapy it is believed that life force energy can be raised to a higher level creating a more balanced, happy and healthy life for us.

Although Reiki is very spiritual, it is not a religion and can be practiced and received by anyone. It is really thought to be the Spirit of our health and wellbeing.

BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table w/Carry Case
BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table w/Carry Case

Do not get fool by the low price of this great massage table, the price is low, but the quality is high. This massage table is not only a great bargain during this sluggish economy, but also comes complete with all functional components. The frame is made of birch to ensure professional strength with a weight limit of 450LB. This table is easy to fold and unfold and comes with a free carry case. The upholstery is comprised of two-inch thick high density small-cell foam padding and oil & water-proof PU leather, not cheap PVC used by others. This table is ideal for students, new practitioners, home users and anyone who wants to have a great massage table with limited budget. Importantly, this best deal table comes equipped with numerous free accessories such as Free Adjustable Headrest Free Face Pillow Free Hanging Armshelf Free One Pair Of Hand Rest Free Deluxe Carring Case

Click thumbnail to view full-size

The practice of Reiki spiritual healing has been referred to as seeking balance or “life force energy” within the body.

Some true practitioners of Reiki do not believe they should be required to become licensed massage therapists while there are still others who believe Reiki may not be a truly effective form of healing. But somewhere they melded together creating a whole new market.

It is really up to you how you want to approach getting a Reiki massage. If you are you to this type of massage, do a little research so you can make the right decision for you. Although I personally have never had a "bad" massage, there have been times when some were better than others. But I truly believe having the right table can make a lot of difference in your comfort and ability to relax.

It has become very popular to combine a massage with the practice of Reiki for a truly relaxing spiritual healing therapy.With the combination of these two very powerful yet unique styles there was a market created for a Reiki Massage Table.

Unlike traditional massage tables, a Reiki table has an open end, so that your knees can fit under the table at both ends.

Another important feature is an open face cradle for ultimate comfort and unrestricted breathing. It is very important to be comfortable when receiving Reiki massage therapy.

Massage Tables are made of either metal or wood which you should consider before buying one. The metal is considered to create a circuit and charges Reiki around the table while the wood is said to absorb energy with a more gentle vibration. If possible, you may find you need one of each so you can meet all of your clients needs.

Blue 77" Long 30" Wide 4" Pad Reiki Portable Massage Table
Blue 77" Long 30" Wide 4" Pad Reiki Portable Massage Table

This table simply is the best table you can get in the market and still a bargain for the price, This table comes complete with all functional components and luxury design. The frame is made of beech to ensure professional strength with a weight limit of 600LB. This table is easy to fold and unfold and comes with a free carry case. The upholstery is comprised of luxury four inch thick high density small-cell foam padding and oil & water-proof PU leather, not PVC used by others.


Choosing the right Reiki massage table can depend on a couple of factors, whether you are a professional massage therapist or if it is for you own personal use. Portability is usually a good feature to consider as well as the width of the table if you will be using crystals with the Reiki massage therapy.

Although the crystals are not an absolute must, they do add another level to the Reiki experience. There are Reiki crystals that match the changes in energy fields of the body, thus enhancing the treatment. The main purpose of the crystals is to amplify the Reiki healing, although they are visually pleasing as well. As with any portable massage table, price can be a factor but there are a variety of quality tables available to fit any budget.

Buying a good quality table from the start will benefit you and your client, providing a comfortable, relaxing experience, enhancing the Reiki massage experience. I hope this information helps when choosing your Reiki massage table.

Have You Ever Had a Reiki Massage?

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