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A simple way to immediately relief the annoying twitching symptoms of restless legs syndrome.

Updated on June 29, 2015

What is restless legs syndrome?

In short: Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is the very annoying twitching feeling you sometimes get in your legs. This article does not focus on the definition or on the background of this syndrome, but rather on a simple treatment for it.

Suggested treatment:

I would like to suggest an incredibly simple method of relief. Please note that this does not cure the affliction itself, but rather it temporarily soothes the symptoms enough to be able to get some sleep.

  • Sit down so that your feet touch the ground. If necessary (for people like me who are not very limber…) lean back a bit to give your legs more “room” to move.

    (Alternatively, you can lie on your back and raise the afflicted leg (if both are afflicted do one at a time). You don’t have to raise the leg very high, but high enough to feel that the big quadriceps muscle on the front of your leg is “working”.)

  • Raise one knee and “kick” the air with your lower leg as hard as you can.

  • Repeat this until you “feel the burn”. The more physically fit you are, the longer it takes to reach this point. Just keep going until the pain grows and then force yourself to do 20 more.

  • Put down your leg. Repeat with the other if necessary.

  • Try to relax and feel the weight and gentle ache of your leg muscles.

  • If necessary (and sometimes it is) repeat the above. Make sure to push yourself into the “burn area”, but don’t overdo it. It is a delicate balance and there is no need to torture yourself.

The "burn" is key.

The “burn” (as fitness gurus love to call it) is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid in your muscles. This tired muscle-achy feeling replaces the annoying itchy feeling of the restless leg syndrom. It makes the muscle more relaxed and prone to heal itself rather than be its twitchy restless leg syndromy self. And that will help you relax and will make it easier to fall asleep.

No pills, no side effects.

The great thing about this simple method is that you can do it at the moment you need the most relief: usually when trying to get to sleep. No need to remember taking pills beforehand or waiting twitchy and sleeplessly for a pill to take effect.

I personally have tried this method multiple times and so far it has helped me more than any other remedy out there. It’s simple, it’s free and there are absolutely no side effects (unless you kick your partner by “mistake”). Try it out for yourselves and let me know what your experiences are!


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 9 months ago from the short journey

      This certainly sounds like it's worth a try. Solving RLS can be a frustrating experience for sufferers.

    • amvabecreations profile image

      amvabecreations 10 months ago from Netherlands

      It still works for me!

    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 10 months ago from USA

      I'll need to try this. It is so irritating when my legs wake me up during a sound sleep. Thanks for an alternative method.

    • amvabecreations profile image

      amvabecreations 5 years ago from Netherlands

      Thanks for your comment! I hope it works as well for you as it does for me!

    • krsharp05 profile image

      krsharp05 5 years ago from 18th and Vine

      Finally! I don't get RLS very often but when I do, it's so aggravating! I'm thrilled to finally see a light at the end of the constant desire to kick my legs frantically! Thank you for sharing this information. Very well presented and easy to understand. -K