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Relieving Stress Begins Now

Updated on April 8, 2011

April is Stress Awareness Month

In recognition that the month of April is Stress Awareness Month it is important to be aware of all things in your life that can contribute to making your life stressful. The stress in your life happens by choice. When we let things, people and situations take control of our mind,
body and emotions the end result will always be stress. If you no longer want to deal with the stress in your life, here are some tips you can use as a stress relief tool for optimum mind, body and emotional wellness:

  • Get some sleep: Stress has no power when you give your body at least 7 to 9 hours down time.
  • Exercise: Physical activity is a great stress blocker. Your mind and body are operating freely together. Consider the best exercise you can do and will cost you noting except a healthy mind and body, walking. - Include in schedule to walk 3-4 times a week. 20-30 minutes each walk is enough to feel the benefits.
  • Talk Your Way Out of Stress: Get support from friends and/or family members. Talking helps to release the built up emotions that you need to let go.
  • Do Something Special for Someone: The more you help others have a better life....the better life you will have. When you help someone it takes your mind off the stressful situation and allows you to recharge yourself with positive energy.
  • Be Thankful: Make it a daily habit throughout the day to be appreciative and be grateful for what you have in life and who you are. Giving "Thanks" is one of the best stress relief tools you have. Its Free and it truly relieves stress.
  • Acknowledge Others: A great stress reliever is saying "Thank You". Just saying these two words can make a difference in your life and the person you say it to. Saying "Thank You" shows the people in our lives that we care. When we share and show a feeling of caring we experience instant results.This is a gift from the universe that always brings relief.
  • Human Connection: No person is an island. When you are happy there is no stress. To be happy means connecting with family, friends, associates and colleagues who are supportive, caring, loving, and understanding.

It's April and the season of spring. In spring time that means a time for new beginnings.To recognize Stress Awareness during the month of April, must mean "Relieving Stress Begins Now".


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