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Toothache Remedies - Easy Home Remedies for a Toothache

Updated on September 1, 2011

Toothache Pain

A toothache is a pain in or around a tooth that may be caused by a number of factors such as tooth decay, a tooth fracture, an abscessed tooth, a damaged filling, repetitive motions such as grinding teeth or chewing gum, infected gums or a cavity.

Regardless of what may have caused the pain, the reason you are probably here is to find ways to relieve it.

Some tooth pain will go away on its own, but in many cases chances are that you might need to visit the dentist soon. This is especially true if you experience any of the following: the toothache is severe, it lasts longer than 2 days or if you have an earache, fever or pain when you open your mouth wide.

The following home remedies are recommended for temporary pain relief or for pain relief until you are able to get in to see your dentist.

For more easy to use home remedies visit Home Remedies for Everything.

Orajel - Ambesol - Baby Orajel

Each of these products are specifically made for mouth and/or tooth pain so if you happen to have any of these in your house - it might be the first place you want to start. Baby orajel works just as well on adults, some say even better than the adult version, so if you have it lying around - use it.

Try Nyquil

All forms of Nyquil seem to work for toothaches. Nyquil cough syrup, Nyquil Cold and Flu, etc. Simply take a shot and swish it around the area where the pain is like you would a mouthwash.

Jack Daniels Whiskey or Wild Turkey

There are a few ways you can use this tried and true remedy. Either take a shot of Jack Daniels or Wild Turkey and swish it over the area for a minute then spit it out - dip a cotton swap in the whisky and place directly on pained tooth - or take the shot, swish - then swallow and hopefully numb yourself in more ways than one :). This is obviously an adult-only remedy.

Clove Oil

This is probably one of the most favored of all toothache remedies and has been used for hundreds of years. Put some Clove oil on a cotton swab or piece of cotton and place directly on the tooth. You should be able to find Clove oil at your local health store or you can order it online so you will always have it if you need it. Pain goes away quickly.


Actually swishing the area with any alcohol based mouthwash will usually help to numb the pain, Listerine just seems to be one of the more popular brands.

Reflexology Foot

There are certain areas on your foot where if you apply pressure can actually relieve the pain in your mouth. Here is a link on how to do that.

Reflexology Hand

Rub the palm of your hand, the back of your hand and between your thumb and index finger with an ice cube

Swish with Salt Water

You need to be careful when it comes to this remedy. If your toothache is due to an exposed nerve this might not be the remedy for you because the salt might cause you pain. If the nerve is not exposed you can add one tablespoon of table salt to one cup of room temperature water (water that is too hot or too cold might be too painful for tooth) then simply swish around the area for a minute before spitting out. Do not swallow.

Ice It

Place ice in a bag or towel and place it on the outside of your face where the pain is. This will usually help to numb the nerves inside your mouth.

Take an Anti inflammatory or Ibuprofen

Regardless of what toothache home remedy you use you will probably also want to add an over the counter painkiller besides. Motrin, Advil and Nuprin seem to work the best when it comes to the pain of a toothache.

Slice of Onion

Cut a piece of fresh onion and place it on the side of your mouth where the tooth ache is. This will usually work almost immediately. If you begin to feel a little pain again, just very slightly bite into the onion (just enough to let some juice escape).

Use a Tea Bag

Place a teabag in a cup of warm water and let sit for a minute or two. Then place teabag on the tooth.

Not the greatest of tastes, but it will numb the pain.

For more easy to use home remedies visit Home Remedies for Everything.


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