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SIJO1 hub hubpages . com has removal of wisdom teeth/tooth extraction

Updated on November 7, 2011

Living with wisdom teeth

I am writing this Hub while in recovery after having two of my wisdom teeth removed and thought i would share the experience with anyone who has been through it or will be going through it.

The Wisdom teeth in question where 2 lower teeth otherwise known as the third molars, unfortunately for me these two teeth had become impacted in other words had no proper room to come through and therefore where laying sideways and only just visible above the gum.

i had these wisdom teeth for about 18 years before and they hadn't really caused me any problems only the annoyance of food always getting stuck at the back of my teeth. Over the last couple of years though i started to experience discomfort at the back of my mouth and had a couple of infections which were very painful but corrected by a course of antibiotics.As well as the infections i was experiencing constant bleeding from the wisdom teeth leaving a horrible taste in the mouth so it was then decided by my dentist that they should now be removed. Now because the teeth were impacted there was no way the dentist could extract them as there was nothing there to get hold of as such so i was referred to the Hospital.

My Wisdom teeth removal (What Happened)

First of all i had to go to the Hospital which was the Queens Medical Hospital in Nottingham for an initial consultation which for me was quite a daunting experience as i had never really had to go to Hospital in the past except for the birth of my two children.

Well i initially went through a number of tests starting first with an xray of my jaw after which my blood pressure was taken and heart rate monitored.

After these tests i was called through to see a consultant to discuss the procedure and initially they only wanted to remove one of my wisdom teeth as the other wasnt actually affecting any teeth in front. I explained my experience of the constant bleeding of my gums and didnt really want to have one of the teeth removed only to have to come back in a couple of years to have another removed.

So the consultant agreed that both lower wisdom teeth would be removed and explained the procedure and also explained the main compliaction was that the teeth sit ontop a big nerve that runs from the rear of the jaw to the front which has the possibility of being damaged during extraction leading to loss of feeling in the lower jaw. This was obviously a worry but the Consultant reassured me and so i signed the consent forms and awaited my date for surgery.  

My day of surgery

 The day of my surgery had been on my mind alot and i was not looking forward to it and was feeling nervous but then the day was upon me and this is what happened.

I had to have a light breakfast on the morning of the surgery before 8 am of which i had some cereal and a cup of tea. I had to be at the Hospital at 12.30 so i had my bag packed with dressing gown and slippers and my wife took me in.On arrival i reported my attendance and within 10 minutes my name was called and i kissed my wife goodbye and then i was in the hands of the nurses and doctors at the hospital.

I was taken to a small side private area and changed into a gown provided and was seen by a nurse who went through various forms and health checks but also made me feel at ease straight away which was a comfort.

I was next seen by the anesthetist who again confirmed all my information and explained what would happen which again reassured me and i was made to feel further at ease and with all the constant activity and the tv on the wall time was flying by.

Then next i was seen by the consultant who was going to perform the surgery who again went through everything as to make sure that no stone was left unturned.

So then my time came i was first in for afternoon surgery i was escorted into surgery by the nurse. On arrival in surgery i was amazed how big the room was and all the people in the room of which 4 i remembered from earlier in the day namely 2 of the nurses, the anesthetist, and the consultant.

I was then asked for the final time that afternoon what my name was and what i was there to have done and was asked to confirm my signature, this i guess is because of in the past where people have gone under the knife and the wrong procedure has been carried out.

I laid on the bed and i had a needle put in to the back of my hand and the anesthetist explained that i would feel some pain relief going in first then i would be put to sleep well to be honest i remember a woosy feeling when the pain relief went in the next thing i knew was when the nurse was calling my name and asking if i was alright i had been out for an hour and not known a thing.

I was taken through to recovery by the nurse feeling a bit strange i have to say and very numb around my mouth and lips. The nurse brought me some water and jelly which i polished off in rather quick fashion as i was very hungry as it was now 4.30 in the afternoon and i hadnt eaten since 8 that morning.

The nurse then went through all my medication with me that i would have to take home and then i was visited by the surgeon who again went through my medication and explained that the surgery had gone well.

My wife was then called to come and get me and boy was i glad to see her and get back home.


My recovery

Well all i can say is never have i had so much soup and yogurtin all my life but SiJO 1 has been struggling with solids since leaving hospital especially day 1, and my wife said i looked like joker from batman and a look in the mirror confirmed that.

The day after my surgery my feeling has started to comeback in my jaw and tongue and also the feeling has returned where my wisdom teeth used to be which isn't so welcome.

I have been on the pain killers and generally just sitting around watching TV and going online and I'm already getting bored.

Day 2 and i managed to eat a little scrambled egg today with a little bread and had my first cup of tea albeit a lukewarm one. So i thought i would take this time in between salt mouth washes to write a little hub on my experience and try to stop me feeling sorry for myself.

I will add the other days of my recovery as the happen so watch this space

I would also like to say thankyou to all the staff at the queens medical hospital for making my stay as comfortable and informed as possible.


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