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Removing Skin Tags Yourself At Home Or Cauterization

Updated on May 10, 2012

Removing Skin Tags Yourself or Cauterization?

If you are wondering about removing skin tags yourself at home, but are afraid to do so, a skin tag can be cut off by electro-cauterization. This skin treatment procedure involves the application of electricity to heat an instrument or needle. This requires a visit to the doctor's office.

In order to burn the cells of such growth, this needle is then put in contact with the skin tag. During the cauterization process, there are 7 main steps involved:

1.The area to be treated is numbed by a local anesthetic.

2. Total treatment is done on the area.

3. The heated needle is put in contact with the skin tag.

4. The burning of the cells of growth takes place.

5. The burned cells are removed by the physician.

6. For further analysis, a specimen may be sent to the lab.

7. A bandage is applied and instructions are given so it will heal adequately.

By this procedure, treating skin tags may be a bit painful. Both during and after the treatment, some discomforts occur. Yet, If you do not want to remove a skin tag at home, this is probably your best option.

After You Remove A Skin Tag

How Long Before It Heals?

How long the wound will heal depends on the individual's healing ability of individual and the growth characteristics.

But, The benefits of cauterizing a skin tag are:

  • It is time-efficient.
  • Cost is lower compared to other types of surgeries such as laser and cryosurgery.
  • It takes just one session usually.

Treating skin tags with electro-cauterization has the following disadvantages:

  • It is a quite invasive procedure.
  • It involves pain.
  • Discomforts may also continue after the treatment for some days.
  • Healing times may be long.
  • It may produce some scarring.

Watch a Doctor Cut And Burn Off A Skin Tag - On Television No Less!


More About Removing Skin Tags

What's the deal?

Electro-cauterization can remove a skin tag. Treating skin tags by this procedure involves the application of electricity to heat an instrument or needle.

A little pain can be caused by this skin tags treatment. Both during and after the treatment, some discomforts occur. With regards to healing time, it depends on the individual's healing ability and the growth's characteristics.

This skin tag cure is beneficial because:

It is time-efficient.

Compared to other types of surgeries such as laser and cryosurgery, it is cheaper.

It takes just one session usually.

In the case of cryosurgery or laser therapy, you may have to make more than one visit to your physician to treat the same growths.

Treating skin tags with electro-cauterization has the following disadvantages:

It is a quite insidious procedure.

You can feel pain.

Discomforts may also continue after the treatment for some days.

It is possible that healing times are long.

Production of scarring may occur.

Also, a qualified health practitioner should give enough information if it is adequate to remove a skin tag by this procedure in your particular case. For some individuals with certain medical conditions such as heart disease and other medical conditions, electro-cauterization may be unsuitable.

Be also well informed from a professional physician about certain symptoms that may occur after the treatment since such symptoms may be a sign of infections, if you decide to remove a skin tag by electro-cauterization.

What is a skin tag? - It's gross, that's what it is!

Get the official take on skin tags here.

Self Esteem Problems Related To Skin Tags, Moles and Warts

Strategies to boost self-esteem

For anyone who is a teen and is afflicted by cystic acne issues in a fairly significant way, you understand exactly how this can reduce your self-confidence.

Precisely the same confidence issue is applicable for those who have a skin tag, wart or mole on areas of the body which are noticeable. In this article what I'm talking about are self-confidence issues that are similar to acne, but are related to those moles, skin tags or warts you have on your neck, armpits or, face.

Regrettably present day culture is fairly materialistic and it promotes an overstated value on our physical appearance. A great deal of shows as well as commercials on tv, online, periodicals along with other published, sound and graphic mass media help make all of us think that we need to become beautiful to be successful in daily life. Excellent principles tend to be more and more undervalued.

This is partially accurate. Market sectors are endeavoring (and they're successful ) to construct exaggerated desires in everyone so they are able to market their particular products and services. Cleverness, being able to construct shared advantageous rapport with individuals, being able to gain the necessary abilities to get a flourishing profession is significantly more vital. Each one of these will certainly build a person's self-confidence.

Nevertheless it is likewise true that your self-confidence will aid you to build all these and even more. It is because your self-confidence is also associated with your appearance. So it is vital that you look after the way you look.

On the other hand you need to restrain your self and keep in mind that even though currently being good looking is really a positive point, you have to accept it for what it is and remember that there are lots of other considerations which will help you to build your confidence and reach your goals in life.

If you are gazing at your reflection in the mirror and your eye constantly looks to your mole, skin tag or wart, remember that almost certainly you will be exaggerating and your wart, mole or skin tag seriously isn't as awful as you may perhaps believe.

Nevertheless if you need to remove it, remember that there are many methods for you to do it. Yet remember that although getting rid of your skin tag, wart or mole will boost your self confidence, don't get caught in the error to think that being good looking alone is going to fix all of your problems.

Rather think of it as an advantage point in your favor and as an additional strategy to build your confidence.

Tell us about your floppy skin tag - And how did you get rid of it?

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      6 years ago

      By just using apple vinegar, Eves has another success! along with her complete guidance. This way

      is quit safe and healthy, which is quite helpful for me. It is shown in:

      along with her complete guidance.

      Hope it helps.


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