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Religious Faith And Your Health

Updated on September 14, 2014
Religious Belief
Religious Belief | Source

Religious Faith and Physical Health

Is there any relationship between physical health and religious faith?

Before diving in to this particular issue, let us see what religion is.

Religion is extremely sensitive to explain with words.

Everyone possesses a different opinion of exactly what religion is.

A religion or an ideology is a consideration for meaning far away from materialism.

A Society's religious faith has state of signs, rituals, myths, stories, concepts and truth claims.

Religion is unquestionably a human invention. It can differ as widely as human thoughts allow.

Religious Faith

Religious Faith
Religious Faith | Source

A religion is an opinion in heavenly (holy) beings and the applications (rites) and the ethical code that result from that faith. Faiths provide religion's brain observances give religion's shape, and ethics give religion's core.

Many groups of people have their specific, preferred definition which they perceive to the right one, to all others omission. For several centuries, it asserted that an eternal God created all matters, governs all matters.

That is, an intuitive feeling in a God or Goddess or set of Gods and Goddesses who are in charge of the universe formation and its regular functioning. The creatures trusted and grateful to the creator.

In the routine, most people think that the Gods or Goddesses of their faith perception are real. Belief in the supernatural, especially gods and goddesses, is among the most noticeable distinctiveness of religion.

Religion tends to bequeath on believers a feeling of direction, gratification and pliability when confronted with misfortune. Simply because of anticipation from the faith, with which modern medicine and psychotherapy can simply not contend.

Surveys to carry a detailed examination or inquiry, especially officially, to find out the related links between the role of religion in health have established that regular presence in one's Church, Mosque, Temple, Buddha Vihar etc., has relating longevity.

Even within religious persons who live in exactly the same area, and even the wherein they live, the more consistently you attend your house of worship. It exhibits that the true secret of a typical power of religion to extend life based on the link between religious faith, psychological ailment and physical health.

Gains in Religious Worship

There are numerous myths demonstrating the benefits to be acquired by setting foot in the religious order and teaching the needs of doing so. Prayer's advantages breeze over to all the other important establishments of a country: the relations, learning, business, earnings, and administration.

Religious prayer's pays are noticeable, for instance, in learning and human resources development, sexual conduct, relational vitality, mental and physical prosperity, and in a notable decline, in a variety of social evils.

Religious people endure from less anxiety about death compared to the non religious because of a comforting belief in the afterlife. Becoming stressed along at the prospect of death, possibly makes sure that the event all the more likely.

Bad men may be satisfied to scrutinize the outward sermons of religion, so long as beliefs does not intervene with the custom of one's private life, or, anything is with them specifically the same thing, the happiness and the gains of the wide world.

As the expression fanaticism, ordinarily append to religious enthusiasm displaced to over enthusiasm, It has accompanied with all its terrors, will be repeatedly employed in the course of these discourses. It may not emerge to be employed arbitrarily or cruelly, it is customary to determine its meaning, referring such an authorization as many serve to fix it.

The long time endurance after serious illness or surgical operations like open heart surgery is significantly connected with positive console obtained from the religion. Although both sexes are living considerably longer if they get into religious activity.

Women gain almost twice the advantage. That may be because women are twice as susceptible to melancholy as men. Several believers receive more psychological support from religion subsequently.

Book on Religion and Health

Handbook of Religion and Health
Handbook of Religion and Health

This book illustrates the historical associations between religion and health. What influence does religion have on bodily and mental health? It's investigation and clinical practice, grapples with the differentiation between the expressions ''religion'' and ''spirituality''.

It also evaluates study on religion and mental health. It also investigates the direct connections between religion and physical health. The authors analyze the positive and negative consequences of religion on health throughout the life span. The book also review analysis on the results of religious connection, faith, and practice on the use of health assistance and acquiescence with medical treatment.


The Helping Religions

Helping Religions
Helping Religions | Source

Whether one likes it or not he must live during the time that this life continues on or much near to the earth's exterior. He cannot go to the bottom and be alive in the depths of the sea like a fish neither can he conveniently like feathered creatures fly about in the sky or above the air.

It is entirely beyond his control or his talent to change both his father or his mother if he wanted to do so. The color of his skin is the important part in life, kith and kin, connections, motherland, and life itself decided for as well as, not by any man.

He forced if he will, or no to get liable for the indicated things to his life's end as much so evidently as if all fulfilled by his own cautious decision. Religion is an indispensable part of the framework of every cultured society.

In the world, now, more than 95% of the world's inhabitants are either belonging to Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism. Given the tremendous influence that religion has on the everyday lives of people and given that religion performs an important role in defending and teaching the people on ethical and noble values.

What does all the World's leading Religions consent on? Benevolence as well as Helping! Furnishing for those in necessity when they want it most is a big part of belief in each one religion still followed today.

For some insight into a few religious prospects in helping as well as feeding others. The concept of life that religion offers along with the senses that prejudice will sooner or later be corrected by God may seem to bring trust in the face area of despondency and often help in handling emotional stress.

Social setback and friendship consequent coming from the recurrent attendance at religious service provides mutual help in tough times. Many religions advocate fasts which prevent obesity.

Many religions denounce and forbid drinking, smoking, abuse of drugs and stealthy sex - causes which cut life span.

Trust and Belief

Religious Trust and Belief
Religious Trust and Belief | Source

The health outcomes of faith are an issue not only of faith but as well of science. Exceptionally 300 research results show the medical importance of religious dedication, such as worship attendance, saying prayers, Scripture research study, and existing relationship in a blessed community.

Religious and mental impressions are an essential part of the number of people survive life's pleasures and difficulties. Faith can share humanity with a good understanding of purpose and suggestions for living.

Medical research projects have found that theology might cause strong outcomes on mental states. An extra study, indicated the religious participant, has also rapidly improved, from his sickness.

Another research reveals that typical levels of trust and belief, key aspects of reduced depression, appeared to notice amongst these people who faithfully followed their religion. All medical experts can able to accept the medical notion of hope and to determine, when relevant, the most favorable use of revered thoughts and habits.

Praying for or with sufferers may a decent, important option in context, according to the notions and desires of both the patient and the doctor.

Religious & Non Religious Life Style

World Religions
World Religions | Source

Religion, health and medicine have common roots inside the conceptual framework of relationship amongst kinsmen, nature and God. Religion tied in with positive health. However, most studies have been geared toward those with dangerous diseases.

A fresh research result from the University of Missouri-Columbia has shown that religion helps many people with disabilities adopt to their impairments. It also offers a new meaning to their lives. Non believers may go to a less healthy lifestyle like drinking and smoking etcetera.

And they have lost association that helped them to their life and often provided big part of their personal identity. So, health care providers should encourage important religious practices of people, just like yoga, reading of spiritual texts, meditation or laying on of hands.

Students taught about various religious beliefs and exactly how they used into the patients' wellness within a rehabilitation setting.

Circumcision is a Religious Practice

And Its Health Benefit

Abraham decided Ishmael his son, as well as all that were born in his dwelling, and all purchased for payment, each man-child in Abraham's home; and circumcised the muscle of their foreskin in the self-same day, as God had announced unto him.

This is an aged religious practice which predominated largely throughout the hot environments of the east, consists in slicing off a small portion of the foreskin of male-children. This was presumably not at first a religious practice, but resorted to for health and sterility.

An extremely warm/hot atmospheric condition, generates relaxation of this part, and at times gives growth to a kind of gonorrhea, or ulceration of the foreskin, which circumcision averts. We can find out about this from the 17th chapter of Genesis.

Circumcision is no suspicion, usually essential and reasonably commonly advantageous, in warm nations. In such, it may very conventional to maintain it even as a religious observance, for if the habit be healthy, it's perpetuation as a religious observance may secure a more general ritual and enactment.

How to CONQUER YOURSELF - Vid - 5 Tips for Building Your Self-Discipline.

Spirituality and Health - Buy form Amazon

Spirituality and Health Research: Methods, Measurements, Statistics, and Resources
Spirituality and Health Research: Methods, Measurements, Statistics, and Resources

The information gathered together in this book, which has been reviewed for accuracy and comprehensiveness by research design and statistical experts, has been acquired during a span of over twenty-five years that Dr. Koenig spent conducting research, reviewing others’ research, reviewing research grants, and interacting with mainstream biomedical researchers both within and outside the field of spirituality and health.


What is Your Opinion?

What you think. Is there any relationship between Religion & Health?

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    • Felicitas profile image


      5 years ago

      I love the way you delve so deeply into issues like this. I know that there is a distinction between religion and spirituality. But, I think that if a person is truly religious they won't harbor resentment and animosity toward people with opposing beliefs. In my opinion, trust, and love, and a belief in something greater than ourselves is beneficial in a lot of ways.

    • TransplantedSoul profile image


      5 years ago

      Religion works for some and not for others.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      It's always fun to visit and see what you're working on, Basha! I keep a very fine distinction between religion and spirituality (too fine, perhaps) because, in my experience, religion can easily spill over into a "fanaticism" that hurts people. That may just be a U.S. thing, though... don't know...

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Spirituality, benevolence and goof thoughts are likely to have good effect on health whereas negative thoughts are bound to impact negatively on health. Blind religion and faith might not help but positive vibes can have certainly influence health.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @anonymous: Just stopped by to post this on FaceBook and G+

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      There is a Bible verse that says, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen." I believe people of faith benefit strongly with their health from their spirituality. I look at faith, which inspires rather than religion that can be just a set of rules but I'm guessing we are on the same page. Well discussed with a lot of truth to those who have ears to hear!

    • Keepingscore profile image


      6 years ago

      I wonder sometimes if the biggest understated benefit of religion is the change in focus? To truly practice a faith requires a believer to submit themselves to an outside power, the believer is not the focus. I don't think there is much doubt that self centered people have issues, often serious issues that ruin their health and relationships with others. Religion is a means of putting things in persective.


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