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Home Stair Lift Chairs

Updated on August 24, 2015

Chair Lift for Stairs

Before we get into the value and benefit of installing a stair elevator in your home, let's cover a few terms used to describe them.

For example, I just used the term stair elevator on purpose, to show you it's the same thing as a home stair lift; just another way of saying it.

Other words used to describe the same gadget are residential stair lift, stair lifts, house elevator, handicap lift, handicap stair lifts, handicapped lift, stair glide, or home stair lifts, as the title of this hub or article is named.

So these terms may differ, but don't get confused by them, as they all mean the same thing, and a chair lift for stairs is what it represents. 

Wheelchair platform chair is different

One more thing to clear up, don't confuse this with a wheelchair platform lift, as that is different, and can't be interchanged in the way the other terms are. A wheelchair platform lift carries a person sitting in a wheelchair, a chair lift for the stairs includes a seat and place to lay your feet; without the need of anything else - it's self-contained.

Also don't get get thrown off by the term house elevator; they obviously can be two different things, so if you come across that term, be sure you're investigating or talking about a chair lift for the stairs and not a literal home elevator.

Who needs stair lifts?

There is really only one question that needs to be answered regarding whether you need a residential chair lift of not, and that is: Are you able to access any part of the house you want without assistance? If the answer is no, then you need to consider installing a stairlift in your home. 

Chair lift for stairs

Symptoms that may require home stair lifts

Some things that could create the need for a stairs lift are bad knees or legs, disability, injury, arthritis, or even respiratory issues which keep you from accessing all the areas of your home.

So if these or other medical problems are a part of your life, you definitely need to look into a chair lift for stairs to provide you with the desired mobility to get around all areas of your home and live a full life. 

Residential stair lift returns your options to you

One time or another in our lives or the lives of our loved ones, the need for mobility within our own home will come upon us, and when it does, it's comforting to know that the technology to meet that need is there, and all we need to do is get a chair lift for our stairs to return all options of what we were able to do in our home before, when we could navigate everywhere. 

Residential Chair Lift

Home stair lifts can be installed on all types of stairs

No matter what type of stairway you have, there will be a way to install a home stair lift upon it.

If your stairway is straight, obviously it'll be no problem, if they're curved, also no problem, as there's a stair lift to meet the need. What about stairways that have a landing and then go up again? Again, that is an easy solution, you just install a stairlift chair on each straight stairway and keep on going.

And in some cases, depending on how your stairway is built, you can just wrap around the corner at the landing and keep on going up on one rail. 

Stair elevator

I actually like the different terms used to describe home stair lifts, like this one stair elevator. It really helps to define what the product does and what it's good for. This way it keeps the confusion away; in the sense of knowing it's different than a wheelchair platform chair. 

Stair glide

Here's another good term to describe residential chair lifts, because this is exactly what the chair does; glides up the rails to the level you're attempting to reach. If gives a good description of what it is and does again. 

Home chair lifts a great option

So if all that's holding you back is the ability to navigate the stairs in your home, and there are no other options available to you, a home stair lift will do everything you need it to to keep enjoying all of your house and to do the activities you otherwise wouldn't be able to do.

A chair lift for the stairs is the best option to live your life fully in your own home. 


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      Steve Hart 6 years ago

      Looking for information about curved stairlift to be installed in a South Jersey home.

      If possible please email info to:


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