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Resistant Yeast Infections

Updated on February 26, 2010

Resistant Yeast Infections

Resistant yeast infections are on the increase amongst women more than men. The easy availability of anti fungal drugs are the biggest culprit because more women are using these creams and oral medicines without the guidance of their doctor.

A lot of women also use these anti fungal drugs when they don't even need them for the reason they are not getting a correct diagnosis from their doctor first before they use these powerful yeast treatments.

Just because they are purchased over the counter doesn't make them safe, and it doesn't mean you should use them without guidance or a doctor's diagnosis first.

Using anti fungal drugs

Anti fungal drugs whether creams, suppositories or oral pills should only be taken after you've had a correct diagnosis from your doctor. If these drugs are used when you don't have a yeast infection then you'll create one.

The Candida yeast that is the start of an infection lives inside the vagina naturally, and it is kept under control by the beneficial bacteria that lives in their with it.

If you apply an anti fungal cream then the harmless Candida will mutate as a self defense to you trying to kill it. These creams also upset the chemical balance in the vagina that is favored by the fungus you're creating.

Once the yeast has mutated because of the cream it will be resistant because of the exposure it's had to the anti fungal active ingredients in the treatment.

Another reason why you should see your doctor first

Create a resistant yeast infection isn't the only reason why you should see your doctor first. Another reason is, you could be suffering from another vaginal infection. If you are then the real infection will be getting worse while you're creating your yeast infection.

What makes it worse is, they yeast treatment will eliminate the symptoms of other vaginal infections while it is being used. So in the end you end up with two infections.

If the original infection needs antibiotics then this treatment will make the Candida overgrowth you've created even worse. Antibiotics are the biggest cause of fungal infections, and your infection will become very difficult to treat with conventional medicines once you've finished treating your original vaginal infection.

Treating resistant yeast infections

Treating a resistant yeast infection can be very difficult because any more drugs will only make the infection worse. And the worst part is, doctors can only prescribe more drugs.

Because anti fungal drugs all work the same way, when the fungus becomes resistant to one if them then all of them can become useless. Many people even get told by their doctor that they will suffer from yeast infections forever.

There's no reason why anyone needs to suffer from chronic yeast infections as the human body is more than capable of keeping the yeast under control even if it has been made resistant.

Natural Yeast Cure

At this point most successfully treated chronic yeast infection sufferers use a natural treatment. They either use a local naturopath, or go online and seek help there.

One yeast infection expert you has helped tens of thousands of sufferers online is Sarah Summer. Sarah Summer knows exactly how the fungus breeds and feeds in the human body which makes her very good at helping you eliminate it even if it's resistant to anti fungal drugs.

For more information about Sarah Summer visit - Natural Yeast Infection Cure


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      Romanza 7 years ago

      Nice informational blog about yeast infections. Been studying on candida a bit also as my wife suffered years about it.