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Updated on April 9, 2016



Bronchiolitis is a common lung disease usually caused by a virus . It usually occurs in infants , children under 6 months of age and in the winter months .

Bronchiolitis begins with symptoms similar to common colds , but then coughing and wheezing . The symptoms of bronchiolitis usually lasts a week or two and then disappeared .

In some cases , especially if there are underlying health problems or premature babies , bronchiolitis can become severe and require hospitalization .

The symptoms

In the first few days

The signs and symptoms of bronchiolitis are similar to the common cold:

Runny nose.

Stuffy nose.

Low-grade fever (not always present).

Then, can be up to a week

Wheezing - breathing seems more difficult or noisy breathing out.

Fast breathing or trouble breathing.

Fast heart beat.

In healthy infants, infection usually disappear within 1-2 weeks. If the child is born early or have underlying health problems, such as heart disease, lung condition or weakened immune systems, the infection can be more severe and may require hospitalization.

Severe bronchiolitis can cause significant trouble breathing, blue skin (cyanosis) - a sign of inadequate oxygen. This requires urgent medical attention.

If you have more respiratory problems, less than 12 weeks of age or other risk factors bronchiolitis - including premature birth or heart or lung disease, contact your doctor.

If you experience any signs and symptoms following a quick search of medical care:


Rapid breathing - breathing shallower than 40 times a minute.

Green skin, especially around the lips and nails (cyanosis).

Exhausted from trying to breathe, or the need to sit up to breathe.


Refusing to drink enough water, or breathing too fast when eating or drinking.

Wheezing sound heard.


Bronchiolitis occurs when the virus enters the respiratory system and to the bronchioles, the smallest tubes of the airways from branching out two main breathing tubes (bronchi) in the lungs. Infectious bronchitis virus makes the swelling and inflammation. As a result, mucus collecting in the respiratory tract, can cause air to circulate freely through the lungs difficult.

In older children and adults, the signs and symptoms are usually mild. However, infant bronchiolitis narrower than many large, easily clogged, leading to more breathing difficulties.

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a common virus or cause bronchiolitis cases in children. The rest are caused by infectious agents, including viruses that cause influenza or the common cold.

Bronchiolitis is an infectious condition. Viral infections would like colds or flu - through droplets in the air when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks. It may have bronchiolitis by touching shared objects, such as tools, linens, toys and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth

The danger elements
One of the biggest risk factors for bronchiolitis in infants under 6 months of age , because the lungs and immune systems are not fully developed . Boys tend bronchiolitis often than girls . Other factors associated with increased risk of bronchiolitis in children include : Not breastfeeding - breastfeeding infants receive immune benefits of mother . Preterm birth . Heart disease or lung disease . With weakened immune systems . Exposure to tobacco smoke . Many young environment , such as in a child care environment . Living in a crowded environment . There he , siblings in school or childcare and carries the infection .


A baby can develop bronchiolitis after contracting a virus from an adult or child with a common cold. When cold, wash your hands before touching the baby, and consider wearing a mask.

These simple but effective ways that can help curb the spread of infection:

Limit contact with people who have a fever or a cold. If infants, especially babies born early, avoid contact with people with colds in the first two months of life.

Keep bathrooms, kitchens, indoor tables clean. Be especially careful if a family member has a cold. To disinfect the area, can use bleach and water solution, made with a tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water. Do not mix any other chemicals, as this could create a hazardous chemical reaction. Always store homemade mixtures in packaging labeled out of the reach of small children.

Use items only once. Skip used tissues promptly and then wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

Use separate drinking glasses. Do not share cups with others.

Be prepared at home. Hand sanitizer handy for yourself and for the children while away from home.


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