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How Cataract Prevention Promotes Longevity

Updated on February 7, 2015

The side benefit of slowing cataract formation is improvement in your health and longevity

At age 26, I found out I had posterior polar cataracts.

They were linked to my childhood allergy to cow's milk.

Having just finished my training as an eye doctor, I was on my way to my first office in Tokyo, Japan.

While I was practicing in Japan, I became a Fellow in the International College of Applied Nutrition because of my interest in Nutritional Medicine.

The College invited me to give a presentation on Vision and Nutrition to an international gathering, and so I began putting together my notes that over the years have helped thousands of patients prevent the need for the most common surgery in our culture.

Now those notes have become the best-selling book on cataract prevention.

Cataract surgery is still the most common surgery in Medicare, but what if you could avoid the need for it?

In three decades of practice as a holistic Doctor of Optometry, I can count on one hand the patients that went on to need surgery, after following the basic health advice offered here and in his books and DVDs.

That means hundreds of people were spared surgery and the significant risks and damage that come with anesthesia.

Perhaps even more important, it means that underlying causes of aging and degenerative disease were mitigated to allow the body to continue healing and repairing itself... as nature intends.

Did you know that the average lifespan after cataract surgery is only 5 years?

And its not because the cloudy lens is removed.

In fact, removing the lens once it is cloudy lets more light in to the eyes, and this actually helps restore a little life expectancy.

Rather, it shows that removing the symptom of aging in the eye does not remove the cause of that aging that remains in the body...

Learn more and discover your unique health solutions.

It turns out the clarity of the eye's crystalline lens is one of the best predictors of longevity.

So whatever it takes to help you see better may help you live longer, too!

Prevention & Reversal of Cataract with Natural Medicine

Cataract Solutions: Prevention & Reversal Via Accelerated Self-Healing (Natural Eye & Vision Care) (Volume 4)
Cataract Solutions: Prevention & Reversal Via Accelerated Self-Healing (Natural Eye & Vision Care) (Volume 4)

This book has comprehensive, detailed information on natural remedies and therapies specifically in relation to Cataract prevention and reversal.


The delicate eye lens

The crystalline lens of the eye is a unique 'canary' in the human 'coal mine' of health and longevity.

For one thing it is exposed directly to environmental light, making it highly sensitive to aging-related oxidation.

As the densest protein in the body, it is the farthest removed from the circulatory system, its source of life-giving nutrition, including oxygen. Oxygen is only available when the terrain is alkaline, while most of the modern diet, lifestyle and medicine is acidifying.

The lens has a special relationship with the stomach and kidney meridians in Oriental and European Biological approaches to Medicine. The stomach and kidney share unique enzyme systems that eliminate acids, producing stomach acid and acidic urine.

The skin is similar in that it secretes acids from sweat glands to produce the protective acid mantle. The lens of the eye actually forms embryologically from the skn.

Ultimately, most of the direct current meridian vessels in the body link either externally or internally to the eyes.

My philosophy of healing is to support your whole system, body and soul, to speed up the natural healing processes that you are already engaged in.

Modern medicine usually does the opposite. Most drugs are actually toxic and work by blocking some of the body's pathways in order to suppress a symptom.

The thing is, symptoms can be reduced either by this kind of suppression, or by supporting the completion of the healing work your body's intelligent systems are engaged in.

That is why so many drug therapies don't result in healing the condition they treat. They are great for drug sales, because you are told to get used to taking them for life!

Biofield Catalysts are the opposite approach. In most cases, you take them for a month and you are done! Your body has completed healing that particular issue, and moves on to the next priority on the list.

Healing Oasis can send you the list each month and send you the natural remedies you need to accelerate that self-healing process.

By identifying the underlying stress source for you, you can use your intention to focus the powerful energy of your consciousness to focalize the effects of the medicine.

We all know that half of the effect of any treatment comes from within ourselves. I want to teach you how to focus that power and make sure you have the exact energetic carriers you need to use that healing power effectively.

Refreshing Vision: Opening the Windows of the Soul (Natural Vision & Eye Care) (Volume 1)
Refreshing Vision: Opening the Windows of the Soul (Natural Vision & Eye Care) (Volume 1)

This book gives guidance on improving vision including step by step instructions for dozens of activities you can practice at home with no special equipment.


Understanding the Underlying Causes of Aging and Disease

It is normal to think about the health of the body at the scale we can experience directly through our senses.

We experience subjective symptoms, such as the glare, blur, haze and sometimes even double vision that can come with cataract formation.

In an eye exam, your doctor can observe objective signs like the cloudiness in your lens, when looking inside your eye with a biomicroscope.

To understand what is going on at a deeper level, you can shift perspective from the effects you experience (psychophysics) and your doctor sees (biology) to look at your unique body chemistry.

Some cataracts are associated with sugar regulation, such as individual factors like lactose intolerance, insulin resistance, syndrome X or diabetes.

For others, cataracts may not be impacted by those factors, but others, such as tobacco smoking, may be prominent.

You are likely to have more than one of these kinds of risk factors behind your own tendency to form cataracts.

Identifying and eliminating as many of these contributory factors as possible gives you a better foundation for prevention and healing.

So, what could be even more fundamental than your biochemistry?


A system of medicine known in Europe as the Medicine of the Future, is technically called Bio-Electronics of Vincent, or simply BEV.

Based on measurements of the three basic energy forms that contribute to the microwatts of energy in biological fluids (according to the Nernst Equation), I developed the 5 Phases of Health and Disease.

The 5 Phases Model is designed as a road map for healing, rejuvenation and restoration of balance in your body.

The 5 Phase of Disease

The 5 Phases of Healing

Solutions from Oriental Medicine

My co-author of Natural Eye Care is an Acupuncturist as well as a Doctor of Optometry.

He put together guidance for prevention and healing of eye diseases including cataracts in that popular book.

It includes both specific exercises and herbal formulations that you can use.

Natural Eye Care: An Encyclopedia covers Cataract prevention as well as other eye conditions.

Natural Eye Care: An Encyclopedia
Natural Eye Care: An Encyclopedia

This book includes information on remedies and exercises from Oriental Medicine as well as Western healing traditions.

It is out of print, but you can get a used copy... or borrow one of the 12,000 copies in the inter-library loan system!


Are Anti-oxidants Ant-Aging?

Aging is associated with changes in the chemistry in your tissues and cells, including the lens.

One of those changes is known as oxidation, which is similar to rust or fire.

Another one is actually called AGE.

It stands for Advanced Glycation Endproducts.

Those chemical aging effects happen when sugar molecules combine with the chemistry of your cells.

Both of these processes are involved in cataract formation.

You probably know that you can get anti-oxidant benefits from certain nutrients including vitamins like A, C, and E.

Some minerals like Selenium, and Zinc also have important anti-oxidant functions.

Plant compounds like bioflavonoids are important, too.

But, did you ever think that the air and water in your environment, or the Earth itself could have an impact on your anti-oxidant status?

It turns out that the environmental factors that you could easily take for granted may be as important as the food choices you make.

What is the most powerful antioxidant source? (You will be surprised to learn...)

Did you know that in nature, the number one source of anti-oxidant protection for the lens of the eye is the earth itself?

The Earth is actually negatively charged, so when you body is in direct electrical contact with the ground, your body is able to resupply electrons as needed.

And electrons are the true antioxidant in the biological system.

Do you know what the definition of an anti-oxidant is?

It is an electron donor.

So if you have a virtually infinite supply of electrons available from the Earth, you never have to call on your nutritional anti-oxidants like Vitamin A, C and E that also have crucial co-enzyme functions to maintain health and function in your body.

We now know how you can recharge your anti-oxidant status while you sleep every night.

How to soak up antioxidant electrons while you sleep

Earthing Starter Kit
Earthing Starter Kit

Grounding your body while you sleep restores the #1 anti-oxidant source in nature: the Earth.


Water can be either oxidizing or anti-oxidant, too.

Did you know that most tap water is a potent oxidizing agent?

That means it is aging your body and the lens of your eye with every sip.

To be anti-oxidant it should have a negative electrical charge.

But most tap water has a deficiency of electrons, that it will pull from your vital tissues.

It is not unusual for that charge to be many hundreds of millivolts.

My patients have been enjoying the benefits of drinking and cooking with antioxidant water for two decades.

It's time you learn more about this important health resource.

How to make your own anti-oxidant water

Feedback and Questions

Please ask your questions, leave your relevant comments, and come back to let everyone know your results after you implement any of the dozens of natural remedies in the Cataract Solutions book, or start on a program of Biofield Catalysts for Accelerated Self-Healing personally selected for you... and by you with my remote sensing biocommunication lab methods, or even in person at Healing Oasis in Hawaii.

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