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Review of Home Remedy To get Rid of Calluses with Stridex Pads

Updated on February 20, 2011

Product Rating: 5 Hearts

About My Product Ratings

This Lens is about an amazing home remedy that was just discovered recently. Calluses can be thick and painful to walk on, or make it difficult to grasp things with or hands. Calluses can also form in places where there is a lot of wear on the skin, like the knees and elbows. A callus is a buildup of skin that forms a tough outer layer. This tough layer allows the skin to protect itself from what is underneath.

Salicylic acid is a natural acid that is derived from organic substances like willow bark. This acid is used in tablet form, and t is taken as aspirin. It also has the effect of thinning the blood and so it aids in preventing heart attacks. So many new things are being discovered about this natural substance that we have only used as a painkiller.

Finally, Relief for Dry and Cracked Calloused Feet

Why It Works

It is well known that salicylic acid aids in conditioning and cleaning the skin on the face and that is why it is available in products like face washes and toners, and face pads like Stridex. It clears up acne but it also dissolves the dead skin that is left, and it clears up pores and keeps the face conditioned and moisturized.

It is also known that salicylic acid does a great job at dissolving away hard calluses and corns. An old home remedy is to make a paste of ground aspirin and lemon juice, and the paste is put onto the callous while avoiding the surrounding skin, since it is an irritant. The foot or part of the body with the callous is then wrapped in a steaming hot towel to aid in softening the skin. Another source recommends wrapping the foot in saran wrap after the paste is applied, so that the heat and moisture can seep into your skin.

Between those two acids (citric and salicylic), the skin on the callous would loosen and slide away a lot easier while you filed it with a gritty file. After you remove the towel you will see how much easier (and less messier) it is to file off a callous. But, depending on how you file

and under what conditions, a callous that remains on the skin can crack when it grows back uneven and it is allowed to grow unattended for quite some time.

While this quick and easy home remedy of lemon juice and aspirin has worked for many people, it can be difficult to make until the aspirin is just the right consistency. It does not dissolve easily and it can become clumpy and it dries fast. I used this method of making a paste to apply to my calluses. I also I used a gritty file that was kept wet while I was filing to keep the skin from becoming ragged. The aspirin paste really helped me to dissolve a very stubborn callous that I had fought for years. Underneath that callous, after it dissolved was soft and smooth skin.

While I was happy with the results, I knew that there had to be a better way.I kept searching for an easier way to keep my calluses under control. Since my skin was naturally producing calluses, it is very hard to keep up with their removal on a daily basis. That is when I discovered the benefit of using Stridex pads as a callous remover. What it does is slowly dissolve the callous until there is nothing left, while leaving my skin conditioned and cleaned. It has changed everything about my feet and I was very surprised at how much it helps in keeping things under control. I achieved this through my three step program that gave me great results.

Product Experience

The Stridex pads work great to clean the feet, and it has a fresh cooling effect so it is very relaxing and refreshing. I think that Stridex pads should be used in combination along with a good scrub in the shower with a pumice stone, and also a follow up with a layer of Walgreen's Alpha Hydroxy Acid lotion (read my review on this!).

Final Verdict

The skin will be left in better condition and you will see less development of calluses and the ones that are there will slowly dissolve away after about a month of repeated daily use of this three step formula. This miracle cure will not only clean your skin it will deposit a layer of salicylic acid that will aid in dissolving your calluses. This formula transformed my dry, cracked calloused feet into smooth and soft feet that are ready for the summertime. I am very happy!

I got this item for 3$ at my local dollar store, but you can also find this item at wall mart and other places for about the same amount. The formula that I used is Stridex Maximum Strength Daily Care, alcohol free formula in the red jar, with about 70 pads included. One side of the pad has a textured surface and the other side is smooth. Stridex is not sold for callous removal specifically but it can be used in this way, and my experience with it was great.

Product Rating: 5 Hearts

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