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Updated on September 2, 2014

Poverty Line

When we mention poverty,purchasing power for food is the first thing comes to our mind.Every body need food,shelter,clothing,schooling and many other things.People in the Western world have road network,transport systems,.water supply,electricity,sewage ,benefit system to support the unemployed,housing benefit and other support to help the most vulnerable in the society.Still support groups complain about the support being insufficient.

More than 1/3 of the world population live below the poverty line.Poverty line is about $1.25 in most developing countries.Water supply,toilets,sewage and any other infrastructures are non-existent in many rural villages in developing countries.Shelter is made up of jungle post and thatched roof.Parents and children live in the same room and food is cooked in the open which in the west is known as barbecue.Water is gathered from ponds or rivers and the lucky ones have common tube wells.Fire wood is gathered from jungle by women to use for cooking.In working out the poverty line, the unpaid labour is not quantified or costed.

The minimum wage is hard to implement even in the western world.Cash in hand is the common method used in the west to by-pass the minimum wage.In the developing world ,minimum wage is set at very low level and hardly implemented.

Poverty in UK

Poverty in UK is no exception.About 20% are poor which is below 0.6 times the median income.Even people at work falls under this category.People falling under the definition of poor are :

*Under Employed.

*Part Time Workers.

*On 0Hour Contract.



Food Banks are on the increase , more and more people are going to the food banks.Food Bank is a temporary fix and not a solution.It is embarrassing ,filling forms,disclosing personal information and collecting free food.Preferred option is to sell at reduced price at super market and food banks.

The TV programme "Rich ,Poor and Hungry" highlights that people working,on benefit,single mums are living on one pound a day food budget.The programme merely scratch the surface of the problem.America ,Germany ,UK and many other western countries have over15 of the people below poverty line.

Poverty Line.

Are you aware that people living in West below poverty line are between 15% to 20%

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Costing for Pound a day meal


*Bread :2slices-4p

*Egg :1Egg- 9p

*Banana:1 - 1p

Total Cost: 14p


*Buns -2 : 7p

*Eggs-2 : 18p

Total cost: 25p


*Rice :200g- 10p

*Potato Curry:15p

*Fish Curry: 30p

Cost per day:94p

Hunger Project

I am taking part in a challenge to live within £1 per day on food and drinks.I tried to encourage others to join me,with no success ,I decided to go it alone.Everybody ruled out this as an impossible task.I realised that ,having food and drinks at the normal price will cost much higher than £ a day.Price of food items has shot up by 44%,wages are stagnant ,people are on 0 hour contract ,part time job or on benefits.Only option left is to buy food at cheaper prices.This prompted me to do £aday project.

The menu was chosen to match the items used in countries where millions of people live below poverty line.Surprisingly we have an option of purchasing items at less than half price on sell by date.

The items I chose are:

1.Bread 20p -bought at reduced price at supermarket

2.Eggs 10p each -bought at pound shop

3.Potato 15p/kg -bought at reduced price at supermarket

4.Onions 05p/onion -bought at vegetable stall

5.Milk 29p/litre -bought at reduced price at supermarket

6.Buns 3.5p/bun -bought at reduced price at supermarket

7.Banana 01p -bought at supermarket substantially damaged

8.Rice 49p/kg -white rice

Bread purchased at reduced prices of 20p/loaf
Bread purchased at reduced prices of 20p/loaf
5kg potatoes at 49p.
5kg potatoes at 49p.
Banana at 1p per banana.
Banana at 1p per banana.

List of Minimum Wages

Hourly Rate US $
Sierra Leone
Guinea Bissau
The Gambia
Democratic Republic of congo
Central African Republic
The Gambia
Countries with minimum wage of 0.3 $ per hour. Source:Wikipedia

Healthy Diet

Starchy Food 33%
Fruit and Veg 5 portion a day
Dairy 15%
High Protein 12%
Sugar/Fatty Food 8%
250gm rice,10p,290kcal
tomato,3tins,93p,216kcal 7bananas68p/kg,700kcal
Jam,15p/half jar,518kcal
sweet corn,90p/kg,1100kcal. 4apples,87p 188kcal
250gm butter,33p,611kcal
tin sarines,47p,214kc
veg oil,10p/75ml,620kcal
330gm oats,30p,1330kcal
1kg carrots,90p,350kcal. Fruit juice 68p/litre,550kcal
4pints milk,£1.29,1135kcal
Kidney beans,21p/tin,280kcal
250gm pasta,15p,735kcal
4tin beans,£1.00,824kcal Satsumas,£1.00 for 600gm,246kcal
chicken liver,45p/600gm,345kcal
1kg potatoes,69p,720kcal
chick peas,36p/100gm,357kcal
Source:BBC news magazine titled"How little money can a person live on" dated 26th april 2013

Total cost

Total cost for 7 days:£14.41 pounds. Daily cost: £2.06p

Average calorie consumption :2000.

The price of food items has gone up in an years time. The products labelled as basic at Sainsbry's or Asda products are still available at very low and affordable prices.I have brought down the cost to £9.23 which amounts to £1.32per day.


We received a donation of £50 from one of our followers who wish to remain anonymous .He requested to spend on a worthy project to benefit those below poverty line.We are working on identifying a project and would welcome any comments from other hubbers.


Definition of poverty line is not very accurate.The parameters differ between developing and the developed countries.People in developing countries do not have access to water supply ,electricity,transport or even toilet facilities.Child labour is very common in these countries.

Western world has the basic infrastructure which were constructed years back but is collapsing due to lack of maintenance.Major part of family income is consumed by tax,NI contribution,council tax,water ,electricity,gas and phone bill and mortgage.

Young Children are acting as carers for family members. Cars,fridge,dish washers ,ovens,microwave and washing machines are a necessity in the west, whereas these are luxuries in villages in the developing countries.

Help is urgently needed to uplift those living in food poverty. One way is to sponsor those in need on a one to one basis and by helping them to earn a bit more to help towards purchase of food.The best freedom from hunger,freedom from poverty.

United Nations claim that poverty can be eradicated during our life time.It is a big challenge by any standard.


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