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Ridiculous Home Remedies for Acne - rubbing a garlic clove on your pimples

Updated on August 8, 2014

Please don't get me wrong, I am not making light of a problem that millions of teenagers are having to deal with. I feel only empathy, I tried some or similar home remedies with little or no results. I can still remember how this problem impacted my life when I was in my teens; that is a long time ago, but some of what I felt then have left it's mark.

I make light of natural remedies for acne only because some sound so off the wall they deserve to be made fun of.


The following are a few natural healing remedies for acne that have been around almost as long as I have, so I guess we could call them ancient remedies. What you need to understand, if these natural home remedies didn’t work well years ago, why still use them. Millions are spent researching new methods for the treatment of acne. In my years of teaching young people I have seen the damage both physically and emotionally that result from acne, and this is only one, the worst in my opinion, that they deal with because of hormonal changes

Ok, lets go to the ridiculous home remedies for acne, at least in my opinion. Some of those reading this may already have tried some of these. I would love to hear your comments as well.

Remedy #1 - Using garlic, both in capsule form or rubbing the actual garlic clove on pimples,

My comments:

As for taking the capsules, there was the same advice for my dog, but instead pimples it was for a flea problem, but it didn’t help. She’s only 5 pounds, if it wouldn’t work in her system, how is it supposed to work on say a 135 lb teenager.

Rubbing a garlic clove on the pimple. Is the next step washing your face with lemon juice, that’s what is done to remove the smell of garlic on hands? It is hard to understand why anyone that didn’t want garlic on their breath would seriously consider it rubbed on their face.

Remedy #2 - This one I’ve never understood and it has really been around a LONG time. Put cooked oatmeal on your face for 15 to 20 minutes.

My comment:

· They don’t even say to cool it, I hope those trying it know not to put it on straight from the stove or pimples will be only one of the problems they will be dealing with, a scorched face will be the other.

Remedy #3 – This is a new one for me, apply Head & Shoulders to your face or body.

My comment:

· Has new research found that dandruff is related to acne? Why else would it be suggested to use Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoo or any shampoo one the face. Also if you try this you better put bandages on your eyes, just remember the burning sensation the last time shampoo got in your eyes.

Remedy #4 - Dab a bit of honey directly on a pimple and rinse off after five minutes.

My comment:

· My dogs would love this one; five minutes they’d have it gone in 1 minute.

· You’d better spray yourself with bug repellent before dabbing the honey, or you will hear buzzing. I know personally a bug can attack in about a second.

Cinnomon & Honey
Cinnomon & Honey
Milk & nutmeg
Milk & nutmeg
Strawberry leaves
Strawberry leaves

Remedy #5 - Mix powdered cinnamon with honey and apply to your pimples, leaving it on overnight.

My comments:

· This sounds more like what I add to my oatmeal for breakfast, taste yummy, but who wants a sticky mess on their face overnight.

· If you like the smell of holiday potpourri with the aroma of cinnamon, it just might bring pleasant dreams of wonderful holidays, which may help you feel better in the morning as you wipe away the mess of you and your bedclothes.

Remedy #6 - Do you like strawberries, mix crushed leaves with water and put on pimples it can help to reduce the pimple swelling


· Strawberries can be bought in the store and you could remove the leaves, but who knows what chemicals they have sprayed on them. The other solution is a strawberry patch in our backyards and not many are in to that.

Remedy # 7 - Want to zap the pimples, take nutmeg, add milk to make paste apply to pimples for them to go away.


On this one they left out two ingredients, if you add eggs and rum (eggnog), you can drink it instead of wearing it on your face. I can guarantee you will feel a lot happier my afterwards.


Like I said in the beginning I find these quite amusing. In my next hub I intend to cover things not so silly about skin care and other means of dealing with acne.


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    • profile image

      Dee 3 years ago

      How old are you, 12? Smh...

    • profile image

      Ciara 4 years ago

      Some people are very closed minded don't knock something until you have tried it some home remedy'a have worked wonders for me a couple if times when I had a particularly bad sore throat I've used garlic, spice and honey and it's cleared it up in 2 days , I've used baking soda with water to clear up a kidney infection , I've used garlic a range if problems and it's very effective

    • profile image

      Keke 4 years ago

      No offense but your article comes off as quite ridiculous. You've never even tried any of these remedies. Your opinion is based on how absurb these remedies "seem". I have used garlic numerous times and it's worked better than any chemical that have either not worked or made my acne worse. Also, adults get acbe too, not just teenagers. That's common knowledge and if yoy don't know that you REALLY should do a little more research about acne, who it affects, and yes, even HOW some of these natural work towards clearing up acne. As a 32 yr. old woman that's suffered from acne since the age of 14, I'm not going to stick my nose up at any treatment that might help. Don't knock until you try it.

    • profile image

      Jamenstrong 5 years ago

      Maybe one of these things sound a bit silly, but your advice is all based on "eww that's gross" and "who wants food on their face?" without any evidence to back whether these "silly" home remedies actually work or not. I can tell you, as a 27 year old who has dealt with poor skin and recently cystic acne, I have tried so, so many products. Only in the past year did I say "enough is enough" with using chemicals to fix my face. It never worked. I grind rolled oats in a blender until they are fine, mix a spoonful with water until its like a paste, and very gently massage in my face and rinse. I also at night, after I wash my face, will make the paste and leave it on for 5 minutes for a moisturizing boost. My skin is clearing up, my natural glow is coming back. I haven't see this in 10 years. I've thrown away my chemical ridden lotions and now believe in oil being GOOD for the skin. That's right. We over use chemicals and over wash our faces and it aggravates our skin and it reacts by overproducing oil. Breakouts. Long winded, I know, but please don't listen to the lie that chemicals are the only way out. Drink a TON of water, take your vitamins, and study up! See what oils (emu, jojoba, even coconut oil!) may be best for your skin, and try natural alternatives. Be nice to your skin. :)

    • profile image

      Sophie 5 years ago

      The garlic acctually works!!! I dont mash it up and rub it on my face... I just cut one clove in half and rub both on my face, then keep chopping and rubbing, and yes IT BURNS but not too badly. I've been doing it for two days now. When you do it, wash your face first, then rub it on there, sit for 5 minutes, then wash it again. When I did it, I noticed my small pimples were waaaaay less noticable, and ssome were gone....and only after 5 minutes!!! :) I will continue this for sure!

    • profile image

      Jenn 6 years ago

      Go for the garlic, and the honey. Just becareful about how you apply the garlic as it is very potent and could burn the skin. it sounds to me like you work for a huge skincare corporation or something, theres no need to put chemicals on your face or in your body, look to natural scientific methods instead of feeding the pharm industries.

    • profile image

      jen 6 years ago

      hope the garlic really works

    • profile image

      dude 6 years ago

      i am trying the garlic as we type i hope it works

    • profile image

      Dermagirl 7 years ago

      I'm a dermatologist. You aren't entirely right, though you have a few good points. While I don't recommend rubbing garlic on your face, eating it is perfectly healthy, assuming you aren't allergic or it doesn't disagree with your digestion. It purifies the blood and that is good for your entire body, and remember, skin is the body's largest organ. Many people have had results from adding garlic and lots of water to their diet. Second, honey ABSOLUTELY works. Honey is a humectant, meaning it helps attract moisture to the skin, so there is no danger of it drying out your skin. When you use excessive treatments, especially astringents or lotions containing peroxide, sometimes you do more harm than good. The skin works even harder to produce oil when it is dry, resulting in more breakouts. Honey is naturally anti microbial, and antioxidant, so it heals and prevents bacteria from forming. Just make sure you rinse it away after treatment, never go to sleep with a dab of honey on a pimple, only because it's sticky and dirt and debris that can't be seen with the naked eye can get stuck to your skin. Healing from the inside out by following a healthy diet is great, and home remedies of the honey sort don't hurt. Talk to a dermatologist, practice healthy habits, and always wash your face before bedtime. Make sure your pillowcases are kept clean, and if you use a moisturizer be sure it is non-comedogenic (won't clog pores). Best of luck!!!

    • profile image

      how to get rid of acne 7 years ago

      I believe that organic and natural is still the best. Lemon juice is effective too!

    • profile image

      home remedies 7 years ago

      Apple cider vinegar or Plain vinegar helps to eliminate excess oil from the skin. Apply the vinegar on your skin and leave for about 10 to 15 minutes then rinse. Try it for twice in a week. It really works.

    • profile image

      mary 7 years ago

      I have to say as ridiculous as they sound I have tried the garlic, the oatmeal, apple cider, the honey and nutmeg..and ironically all 4, including aloe vera gel and aveeno baby moisture lotion have helped clear my cystic face is as smooth as a babys bottom, im radiant and i love it.. so 5 stars for home remedies as ridiculous as they sound they work. i would know because i have spent countless of dollars on skin products but i always go bk to those and ima always satisfied.

    • profile image

      amanda 7 years ago

      Magnesia milk the one that comes with mint cures a lot. You could use it as a mask or also at the sites that are affected. use it over night 20 minutes before going to sleep and sleep with it . Wash it off with warm water in the morning. {MINT} products...ext directly in your face cures pimples. Mint burns that area not to much but enough to make the pimples go away.

    • profile image

      amanda 7 years ago

      Hey i'm 14 years old and i think i have triad it all =S Well i'm train the garlic one and it dose work but something you didn't write was that you have to smash it so the juice of it comes out and then you rub it in your pimples this is the key for it. Trust me this helps a lot is gone in 3 to 4 days if the pimple is big , if is small in 2 to 3 days.=] also i triad honey alone. What honey dose is put some vitamins into your skin and it cures scars, if you due that once a week for a month you will see the differences, your skin will feel and look healthier.



    • stasis profile image

      stasis 7 years ago from US

      Home remedies are the best. I will try the garlic next time I have a breakout.

    • bigdadd profile image

      bigdadd 8 years ago from New York

      People will try anything. I think for some it might be as much the positive self think as it is anything.

    • profile image

      Home Remdies 8 years ago

      I think that the oatmeal cure has to do with the starch soaking up the oil or something along those lines. Any, this is an entertaining hub - thanks.

    • The Break profile image

      The Break 8 years ago

      Those are some ridiculous home remedies!

    • kelsorogers profile image

      kelsorogers 8 years ago

      I think that the oatmeal cure has to do with the starch soaking up the oil or something along those lines. Any, this is an entertaining hub - thanks.

    • profile image

      Eller 8 years ago

      I'm a microbiologist and garlic cloves actually do kill Propionibacterium acnes. Also, the selenium in Head and Shoulders would kill fungi on the face. (sometimes people have white splotches)

    • profile image

      Polly pimple---no way 8 years ago

      U expect me to rub that $&@! On my face I will just have my parents buy normal stuff dats been tested


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