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Rolling Walker Seat

Updated on October 18, 2014

Walker Seat Wheels

When people get older they often find that they have problems with their hips, legs or feet. And often it is difficult to get around the way they used to. But getting out and about is really important for well being as well as healing. So elderly people often need to rely on the use of a walker. One of the most popular kinds of walkers is rolling walker with a seat.

Advantages Of A Walker Seat With Wheels

The advantage of a walker seat with wheels is that the walker easily glides across the floor yet it has hand breaks so the person can move at their own pace. It is also nice having a comfortable seat if it is needed as a resting spot.

A rolling walker seat is easy to maneuver and is also portable. Medical walkers with seats can be used at home or anywhere while you go about your daily tasks.

Deluxe Padded Seat Rollator Ez2care with Storage Box

Ez2care Deluxe Padded Seat Rollator with Storage Box, Red

The most popular adult walker with seat is the Ez2care Deluxe Padded Seat Rollator. It just glides on any surface including carpet. The hand breaks are very comfortable and easy to use.

The rollator walker seat is comfy to sit on and can hold up to 250 pounds. This rolling walker seat also has a nice private storage box so it is easy to store items or use it to carry items from room to room. And the seat and also be used as a tray.

This rollator walker is very portable so it is easy to throw it in your trunk and take it with you anywhere you go.

I think the red color rocks!

Ez2care Deluxe Padded Seat Rollator with Storage Box

Features of rolling walker seat

  1. 4 wheels so it moves easily yet helps to give balance.
  2. Has handle brakes which is easy to use and control.
  3. Supports up to 250 pounds.
  4. Has a Storage Box
  5. Has a seat so you can rest if need be.

Rolling Walkers With Seats

Rolling Walkers Seats are very popular for seniors. It makes them feel secure and gives them freedom to get around. Here is a selection of the best 4 wheels walkers for seniors.

My New Rollator Walker Seat

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    • Wendy L Henderson profile image

      Wendy Henderson 3 years ago from PA

      I am glad that you like it. It is a huge plus that the rolling walker seat is easy to store in the trunk of your car.

    • profile image

      noman 3 years ago

      I've had this walker for two years. It is great that it fits in the trunk and car easily. It has great brakes and I love it more than my other walker

    • profile image

      marceladevivo 4 years ago

      Love the pink breast cancer awareness walker!