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What is Rubella Syndrome?

Updated on February 5, 2016
Credit to Owner of Photo
Credit to Owner of Photo

The Effect of German Measles to a Pregnant Women

This is all about when a women was not aware of German Measles can actually done to her during pregnancy. I myself was once a victim of my ignorance on the said decease cause by the so called rubella virus. A part from this is the story of my second child, I have never imagined that he will have to carry for his entire life of my simple unawareness of that syndrome and being hardheaded of not taking a regular check up when your a women to expect pregnancy. That day all I know was I'm delayed to my expecting period and I'm having a problem of a simple allergy which I was unmindful that it was actually a German Measles. I just learned the rubella syndrome when I already have my baby out of this world and he was still 3 days old. I actually can see something in his left, like a fish scale on his pupil, and because I knew somethings wrong, I insisted to my husband to take our son to a Pediatrician to check his eye... and then we discovered unacceptable that day..

The Cataract

Credit to Owner
Credit to Owner

First Diagnose: Congenital Cataract

I have never thought a tiny baby like my son can have a cataract

The pediatrician advice us to consult an eye specialist, an Ophthalmologist to be exact, she said to us that base on her check up she can tell that my son is different in someway. So to be sure we search for the nearest Optha then we found Dr. Maliwat ( the best local doctor in town), we're so grateful that his near in our home.

He check my eye's son, it was so scary that a three day old baby will be forced to open up his eye just to accurately measure his pupil for any sign of obstruction in his eyesight. Then after a thorough test, he then confirmed to us that our dearest Earl (my son's name) has a congenital cataract. Then that moment, we're confused, what happened and he got that decease? or did my obstetrician have done something wrong when I'm delivering my baby?.. in that middle of bewilderment, the doctor ask " Did you got a German Measles in your first trimester of pregnancy?", I recall something got to me like an allergy but I'm not sure if that's a German Measles, the doctor explained to me the symptoms of the said decease and then like just a bomb it heat me, it is no doubt a German Measles. Then to my dismay, I felt paralyzed, why I didn't even bothered my self to go to a doctor that time just to check what kind of allergy got in to me.

Then the Ophthalmologist got more something behind that information he told me about German Measles in pregnancy, He told us that we need to bring our child to a hearing specialist and a heart specialist. Due to, German Measles is a kind of viral infection that affects the child growth in a woman's womb in her first three months. The decease is called Rubella Syndrome, and it will affect the eye, heart and hearing of our child, and he said that we should be thankful that his not been amputated due to that infection.

Learning that fact, made me more hopeless, but my husband said to me "Maybe that's our God's will, we must accept his plan for our child", and because of that inspiring words from my husband, we agreed to bring our son to a Cardiologist and Hearing Specialist.

Hearing Loss

Second Diagnose: Profound Hearing Deficiency

The otoacoustic test confirmed that my son don't hear anything, even the slightest sound they've produced

We've brought Earl to the nearest City Hospital who have available machine and crew that can test his hearing problem. At first, he was given a small amount of medicine that can make Earl to fall asleep, because the otoacoustic test that they will conduct should be in sleep mode, and need to get the brain waves reaction of the patient through the wires they will put on my son's head. After 3 hours of testing, the nursed advised us to return after a week to confirm the result of the assessment they made. Then we go home and waited.

After more than a week, I returned to the hospital and got the result, and because the first doctor who check my son (Dr. Maliwat the Ophthalmologist) explained that we should be ready for the upcoming results, I'm more like disappointed that my fears was confirmed, I even prayed harder that our Dear Lord will change his mind for giving this disorders to my son (but of course behind my mind I knew that He was already decided). The result, "Profound Hearing Loss" , meaning that hearing aids is not possible, the only thing doctors can do is to undergo Earl a Cochlear Implant ( worth $30,000.00) operation. But because, we are not rich and don't enough money on us to fund the said operation we choice to accept the fact that my Earl will grow as Deaf and Mute person.


Credit to Owner
Credit to Owner | Source

Third Diagnose: Peripheral Pulmonary Stenosis

Heart decease that made one of my sons heart artery smaller compared to others

After knowing his hearing impaired problem, me and my husband slightly accepting the fact that my son will have no excuse to a heart decease. The consolation we thought that time is to pray that it was not severe. The Cardiologist who check Earl was so kind, he didn't charge us for any consultation fee (because we are a charity patient), but we know that we need to pay for the test result, we we're advice to ready $68.00 for the test, but the Cardiologist said it's okay. Anyway, the result was a decrease in size of the artery in heart that supply blood to the lungs. It was called "Peripheral Pulmonary Stenosis" or also know as PPS, as per the doctor this decease has no need for any maintenance of medication, but it's a kind of decease that's need a thorough observation of the child, if he kinda having hard time to breath, or his nails is bluish in color we need to seek medical advice. However, if Earl is doing fine, it's okay not to worry that much, just don't let him to get a decaying tooth, it might that bacteria from the deterioration tooth could travel thru blood and infect the tiny artery of Earl and could result to a more serious heart condition.

Feel Free

Acknowledgement of the Fact

To accept what has given to us is like forgiving our own imperfection

For all what we have learned to our son, revealed that we are strong enough to accept our God's will to our life.

Today, his turning 7 years old this November 26, 2014.And I'm very thankful to our dear creator that his doing fine. Earl was so active, hardheaded(sometimes), and very smart boy. He might not able to speak and hear anything from us or to his elder sister and to his younger brother but still he was able to express his own self by his own sign language.

For now, we are all learning for the formal sign language that was introduced by the school he was attending today. And hopefully that in time we learn all the signs needed for his formal communication to the world.

To all..what I can say is.. Be content and proud for what our dear God has planned for us because he will never bestow us to that valley of suffering. Just trust In God and things will be fine.

Samantha got Rubella Syndrome - I'm very grateful that my dear son was not bad as her

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