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Safety and value of life

Updated on September 17, 2014

Safety Measures

As a fellow human being, I was dismayed at the number of road accidents, many of them are down to breaking the traffic rules and head on collision. At that time, there was national highways, as it is now with central divider.

When the modern national highways were built, I felt glad that the road fatalities would come down. Sadly, it seems, we don't care for life. Individuals were driving on the wrong side of the highways with resultant death and injury.

Fire safety is another area that is treated with utter disregard.

Nowhere else is as stark in the shopping area of busy center. Shops are multistory with narrow entrance and exit. The shop floors are jam packed with customers. To add to it, electrical installations are shocking.

Recently High court have ordered closure of some of these shops and also shopkeepers are trying to overrule the judgement. Why can't they realize that this is for their own safety and not against them.

It seems, one never learns lesson from the past mistakes. Fire safety measures are simple and not rocket science. The first and foremost is respect for and value of life.

Proper electrical installations, building construction with fire escapes and alarms. Any one who is trying to save few rupees by compromising on the above features should realize that they are not saving any money and only putting their life at risk.


Concept of family welfare and safety

Safety doesn't have any value by itself. It gets value from the value we give to life. But what is life, what is it's worth. These are the difficult questions for which every individual has different answers.

The classical concepts of health, safety, family welfare are fragile and even illusion.

We see a 10 year old children excited about watching some sports that goes on till even midnight. And grandparents, who can barely sleep about 2 to 3 hours, that too a very shallow catnap, will keep lecturing those children to sleep by 9 pm.

Correctly, those children need the freedom to explore and see while the elders need the discipline to turn inwards and find peace. But everywhere the elders would keep talking and the children are made to shut up and suppress everything inside.

Why ? For their own good, safety, future welfare and such things.

Thus those young minds get a distorted understanding of safety, goodness, well being etc. Because, they were made to shut up so tight, that pressure created such a bad feeling and the same time were lectured about being good. They instantly react - being good.

That is why, everyone knows smoking is bad. But they still smoke. Anger is bad and still get angry. Adultery is bad but still keep angling here and there. Greed is bad but still hope for more. Obesity is bad, but still keep stuffing. Rash driving is bad but still drive rash.

Your response

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Your Test

The truth for a person is these feelings of anger, greed, lust, desire to be rash, girls wishing to be hot and nasty etc and not those lectures received from oldies on being good, safe, healthy and so on.

We must accept these feelings and not to try to override them with those ready made formulas given by elders. It is quite like mathematics where one should blindly apply a formula. it is better to reject all formulas and look at the fundamentals of the problem. And proceed step by step from those fundamentals.

If you blindly apply a formula, more often than not, you end up with pages and pages of hard work and finally a wrong answer and the result will be a failure.

Therefore, all these formulas of road safety, fire safety, non-smoker's good health etc are not going to help anyone unless that person looks at teh fundamental question of who the other person is. What is this life going on for past so many years. And the beauty is you cannot copy someone's answer! Everyone takes the test alone.

So far everyone copied others greed, others anger, other rashness or copied others saintliness, humbleness, kindness, sweetness.

But what are you, Who are you? That is the Test.

© 2014 Ahdilarum


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