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Updated on March 23, 2016


In my previous article which can be found at I mentioned our favorite motto: Health, Wealth, Love, Happiness and Freedom. The most important of these is health. Chris and I believe it is necessary to be healthy in all aspects of life: physically, mentally and spiritually. If you are not healthy you will not have a clear mind. Without a clear mind you can not focus.

At times we as imperfect humans can become down. We can become our own worst enemy. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans suffers from mental illness each year (quoted from an article posted at With that said I often stop and wonder what causes this epidemic to occur?

I am a firm believer that our minds are a powerful tool. I believe God gives us the strength to overcome obstacles. Yes, Chris and I are Christians. I bring this up only to briefly say, although, from time to time I will quote inspirational scriptures and refer to spiritual health, I believe everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. We are all given the freedom of choice. I believe our spiritual health is of vital importance to our overall success.

Equally important is our physical health. This is not always an easy subject for me. I personally have battled with weight my whole life. I believe "balance" is always the key.

"The richest and fullest lives attempt to achieve an inner balance between three realms: work, love and play." -Erik Erikson. Life is all about balance.

In some of our articles we will share our journey to a "healthy" life. We will include motivational quotes, recipes, great work out tunes etc.


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