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Schwinn Airdyne Evo Comp Exercise Bike - Schwinn Airdyne Bike

Updated on July 18, 2012

Schwinn Airdyne Evo Comp Exercise Bike Review

The Schwinn Airdyne Evo Comp Exercise Bike is one of the most popular bikes being sold online. Anyone who is trying to get into shape and is looking for fitness exercise equipment should definitely consider this particular exercise bike for your home or office.

This Schwinn Airdyne Evo Comp Exercise Bike review was written to help you understand that you can get into shape at home. In fact many people avoid getting into shape because they do not want to join a gym.

By now you realize that there are several ways to lose calories and get rid of that unwanted fat. However implementing some type of cardio into your daily exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight. When you get done reading about the Airdyne exercise bike you will realize that it can help you accomplish your fitness goals.

Why You Should Consider Schwinn Bikes

When you hear the name Schwinn you know that it is quality. This company is famous for their bikes and have been building exercise bikes and equipment of all types. When you purchase the Schwinn exercise bike you can get peace of mind because you know that you are buying a quality product.

Best Deal On The Schwinn Airdyne Evolution Comp Bicycle

Schwinn Airdyne Evo Comp Exercise Bike
Schwinn Airdyne Evo Comp Exercise Bike

Prices vary by as much as $151.00 online but you can get 17% off and Free Super Saver shipping from Amazon.


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Schwinn Airdyne Evo Comp Exercise Bike - Schwinn Airdyne Bike
The Schwinn Airdyne Evo Comp Exercise Bike is one of the most popular bikes being sold online. Anyone who is trying to get into shape and is looking for fitn...

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Features Of Bike

When looking for a new exercise bike that you enjoy using you want to find one that provides you with the freedom to ride without having to do any maintenance. Read about some of the features that this particular exercise bike provides to see if it will fit your needs.

Features of Schwinn Bike:

  • Ability to hold up to 300 pounds
  • 30 year warranty for the frame of the bike
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty for electronics and parts
  • Wind resistant bike that will work your entire body
  • Built in fan that works while you are working
  • Belt drive system that provides you with a quiet workout
  • Easy to read LCD computer display
  • Ability to track statistics such as; calories burned, RPM, calories burned per hour, as well as time and distance

Learn More About The Schwinn Airdyne

What Others Say About It

The bad, good and ugly

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There are well over 90 different reviews on this particular exercise bike. Many of the buyers of this bike give it a consistent rating of 4/5 stars. I wanted to provide you with some of the most common things that people had to say about this particular bike as well as why they love it.

I realize that when you are considering purchasing an exercise bike you want to know as much about it as possible. The best way to do that is to find out what buyers of the product have to say about it.

What others had to say:

  • The Airdyne Evo Comp is well worth the money; the technology/higher quality components make it an amazing exercise bike.
  • Anyone who has never put together any type of exercise equipment may struggle to get it put together. It took me several hours to get it put together; I probably could have done it faster had I read the manual.
  • This particular model of the Evo Comp is much smoother and quieter than the old Airdyne exercise bike I use at the local rec center.
  • Very sturdy frame and feels solid to the ground without feeling shaky
  • Extremely easy to pedal and get a great workout
  • I was amazed at how much smaller the unit is; which makes it perfect to fit in any room
  • When I started exercising I realized that my Schwinn elliptical machine is much louder than my exercise bike.
  • I bought it because running got hard on my knees and joints. After using it for the first time; I was amazed at how great a workout I was able to get.
  • Customer service was great; they helped me get some missing parts that I had without any issues.
  • The bike itself is an A+. Well constructed and heavy duty. Seat is comfortable for a big guy like me

As you can see by many of the comments above; most of the people love the fact that it is such a durable exercise bike. If you are looking for a new exercise bike that will last you for several years; you may want to check it out on Amazon.

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After reading this Schwinn Airdyne Evo Comp Exercise Bike; I hope that you can see why it is one of the most popular bikes on the market. If you have anything to add to the review or just want to share something; then feel free to leave your comment.

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