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Secrets of A Healthy & Happy Life

Updated on January 20, 2016

Not everyone in this world is rich, successful, tall, healthy, fair or slim or they can't even become all of these at once. The world will be a boring place to live if all human beings will be equal; there will be no inspiration and no one will try to proceed in his or her life. But that does not mean that we should hate each other and try to beat everyone in all stages of life. Although it is not easy at all, it is important to live a happy and successful life.

As the phrase says, “impossible is nothing”, there are many ways which you can use to keep yourself away from stress and worries and smile in all the circumstances of life. Miracles happen every day, all you need to do is not to lose hope, and everything will be right one day.


Smile is the cure of many heart injuries. Try to keep smiling all the time, you will surely feel better. Smile at strangers, at animals, good sign boards, kids playing, and at yourself while making your hair or putting up your makeup. Smile at all the silly mistakes you make, big or small, and move on. Smiling also shows that you’re strong and cannot be defeated by anything that bothers you.


Next and very important thing is ‘strategy’; it plays an important role in coping up with all the stress and uninvited challenges. Our lives are full of surprises; one day is happy and the other is sad, you need to remind yourself everyday that the next day can be either happy or not happy at all, you should not forget sadness when you’re happy and vice versa. It will help you manage your good and bad day in a grateful way and will keep you ready for any strange thing that happens to you. Just remember, right action at the right time is the key to solve even the most difficult issues. Do try it!


A little effort to pick out all the good and bad experiences in your day is again a really good way to lead a better life. Keep a record of all your success and failures that you encounter everyday. They will help you to prepare yourself for tomorrow. Do what is good and stay away from what causes things to worsen and make the day difficult to move on. Apologize, forgive, smile, be the first one to greet and most crucial, respect, because if you give respect, you get respect.


It seems harder than it actually is. The best part of your life comes when you realize that you didn’t revenge anyone who hurt you. It goes for the daily life stuffs. Like if your friend ditched you and still tease you in a way or other, just don’t start making plans to avenge her, rather stay quiet and do your stuffs. It might seem very difficult but it is a much needed part of the recipe of a happy life. Those who don’t take it seriously do not find themselves very comfortable. Always believe that you’re better than the person who hurt you, and you will not hurt their emotions back, because if you do, what will be the difference left between you two? None, right? So let go of what hurts you and never hurt that person again.

5. LET IT GO… let it go

It is actually harder than it seems, to let go of the past, ones mistakes and ones bad experiences and just move on with your life. I can certainly not ask you to cry everything down one night and start a fresh morning with new friends and experiences. But we can do it slowly, can’t we? Embrace everyday with a smile on your lips, with a love in your heart, and with a goodwill in your mind. Only these three things can completely change your perspective of the day. Keep yourself busy in doing stuffs that you like and try and forget everything that links to someone or something bad. Change your hobbies, your room setting, your diet, and everything possible and start thinking about new stuffs and engage yourself in some activities. This way your mind will be working all the time and you will not get any flash backs of your past, and even if you do, tell yourself that you are brave enough to think about the past and not break down. Take is as a lesson or a memory and just change your topic of thinking.


This part of the trick is as important as any one of those above. If you do not learn from your mistakes, then how are you going to change your future by not repeating the same mistake again? You need to sit down or go to a nice quiet place to figure out your past mistakes and how to stay away from them? You need think of a way to forget it but do not forget what you learn from it. Be it a physical loss, financial, emotional, and social or just anything; think of the ways to make your life and future better. And once you do, you’ll start seeing the clear changes in your life.


Of course you cannot be happy all the time and throughout your life. This again will be meaningless. Isn’t it said that you need to have some sadness to appreciate the gift of being happy? So, do not worry if you find yourself in a situation where you do not feel happy or encouraged. Just tell yourself that this is going to end soon, and the result will be pleasing. Be grateful in whatever you’ve, and work hard to get what you want to. You have got no idea how blessed and beautiful you are, unless you tell it yourself, no one from outside is going tell you. So just don’t worry if today is not happy, tomorrow might not be happy as well and we cannot say anything about the day after tomorrow, but certainly good days are around the corner, you just need to ride till the end of road and then the life will start feeling meaningful.


Giving up is an easiest way to make your life worse than it is. We do not realize this at the beginning but when some time is passed, we feel that we have made a mistake and we should not have given up. If you lose a friend, do not be afraid to make a new one. If you failed in finals, don’t give up and give it another try. Who knows things might work out this time? Do not hesitate to follow your dreams. Challenges will definitely come and there is no way of stopping them but staying steady with your life apparently will change your future. So be happy and never give up.


These are the secrets that very few people go for. And yes! If they follow them, they get what they want at the end of the day. Remember that patience and endurance can bring even the stars in your hands. All you need to do is believe and work hard and forget all the worries. The world will be yours then and you will be happy. These are the small but effective ingredients of the recipe of happy life. Believe it or not, they act like a miracle in making things right.

So keep smiling & stay blessed!

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© 2015 Syeda Akhtar

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    • tajoo profile image

      Syeda Akhtar 2 years ago from Shenynag, China

      thank you

    • profile image

      Abdul Qadeer 2 years ago

      A very descriptive article, very well done.

    • tajoo profile image

      Syeda Akhtar 2 years ago from Shenynag, China


    • profile image

      John 2 years ago

      Very useful, keep it up!