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Spirituality- The Golden Step to a Healthy Life.

Updated on June 14, 2016

Spirituality and Health Benefits

Spirituality and its effects on health has always been a topic of major concern and attraction. Abundant evidence reveals concrete bonds between religiousness and human health. In the past few years or so, researchers across a vast range of disciplines have started to dig deeper and acknowledge the positive contribution that spirituality can make to physical and mental health. In general context, spirituality is defined as "that aspect of human existence that gives it its humanness". We will, however, attempt to provide a sense of relationship between spirituality and health and its dimensions that are most consistently related to health.
The first possible mechanism by which spirituality benefits us is via its effect on health behaviours. Spiritual context has always specified prohibitions against behaviours that places health at risk ( example: tobacco and alcohol use, violence and risky sexual activities ). It promotes the material significance of the body.
Following are some of the ancient contemplative practices offered by religions and spirituality in order to improve health behaviour:

1) Meditation: The practice of meditation is as old as human civilisation. Practising it regularly induces mental calmness as well as improves concentration. Modern researches also reveals that it increases the density of grey matter in brain which in turn lowers sensitivity to pain and enhances the immune system. The practice of mindfulness meditation has also successfully cured fatal diseases such as cancer and type 2 diabetes.2)Yoga: It is a centuries old set of spiritual actions which creates a sense of oneness within the practitioner through physical postures and ethical behaviours. Systematic practice of yoga reduces stress and boosts the functioning of our central nervous system.

The second factor by which spirituality affects health is social support. For centuries, people gather together and create spiritual groups there by doing some activities such as meditation together at a large scale. This develops a feeling of security and belonging which, in turn, has been demonstrated to protect health and facilitate recovery from illness. Moreover, spirituality also gives you a sense of coherence and meaningfulness. When an individual human being draws himself from worldly activities and follows the path of spirituality, he notices an entire universe within himself. Even though health disorders can be both mental and physical, but controlling your mind and keeping a positive attitude can minimise your problems in life to an ignorance level. This is the basic or the key teaching of spirituality responsible for all the miraculous recoveries from deadly diseases.

Following spiritual laws and choosing the path of spirituality can single handedly take a follower out from the dimension of illness and health problems. It raises your consciousness level from worldliness to oneness which is the end of all the problems. However, with advancement in technologies and development of medical science, "the true art of remaining healthy forever" has fallen far apart. People have now become dependent on medicines and expensive therapies to keep themselves healthy but still new diseases are being discovered every year. Humans have to understand that they been provided with cures lying within themselves. The need is to realise it and follow the "golden steps" to prosperous life.


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