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The Worst Crime you can do to your self-esteem

Updated on August 20, 2009

Stop Comparing Yourself

In this fast paced world, competition among people for the best paying jobs is so stiff. More and more people are left in a closet or cannot excel because of the result of competition –COMPARISON.
In China, looks really matter – the taller you are the more you’re competitive.

In Japan, the more petite you are the more saleable and fashionable you can be. Asians are evolving to look like westerners to be able to be accepted in the fashion world in Paris. Moles are removed when others pay for surgery to put other marks to enhance beauty. Westerners want to look honey and so bought tanning and shimmer lotions to be called beach bums.
The sick truth about humans being dissatisfied about their selves make the cosmetic surgery business soars.

Comparison is like a crime to your self-esteem. It hurts your ego and makes you feel not happy about yourself. When you keep on comparing yourself with others, you will question a lot of things in you thus making you feel confused, worried, shy, low self confident, ineffective and less competitive. If you get addicted with comparing yourself you tend to be someone uneasy and unsatisfied and always watch for other’s new appearance, new fashion and develop self-pity and depression. This makes one person insecure and makes use of gossiping as one defense mechanism, at least to verbally cover the insecurities.

A good example is when you see a neighbor who looks so good with poof hair and her face is a model-like with it but when you tried it on you; you look like a squash with a little carrot on your forehead! Thus, making you look not so desirable. This makes people around you make fun of you and make you feel so embarrassed and insecure. Why not change your ways into some things that reflects who you are? Take the following as an example:

a.)    Enhance what you already have, everyone is unique! You may find your face features ugly compare to others but there are always uglier and prettier than you. Just enhance what you have and don’t try to be what you are not. It’s too much work and you can’t be consistent with coz it’s just not you.

b.)    Be confident and contented for who you are. You cannot cover the facts that everyone has our own bad features but you cannot just concentrate on it. Look at the big percentage that is right in you and develop them. Confidence is so attractive. If you portray that you are comfortable and contented of who you are; your aura become brighter and you are so good to be around. You become cheerful and you add up good vibes in the surroundings unlike an insecure person that looks so gloomy and unapproachable.

c.)    Always wear a smile or at least make your eyes smile – try to cover the face of a gorgeous body in playboy, can you imagine what impact it would bring? It looks not attractive at all – just a naked body. But if you uncover the face and specially the eyes; the entire feature looks very seductive, alluring and inviting. The smile in your eyes or simply your smile adds to your charisma. So if you think you are not that pretty, just smile and the world smiles with you. Be depress and you depress alone. 

d.)    Feel happy about yourself or about what you have – the blessings you have are more than enough to live. You cannot deny the fact that someone is lower or higher than you. What’s important is how happy and peaceful you are inside. If you are happy and peaceful you become a magnet of good things. Ways to be happy:                                                                         

  • Stop comparing your face with his/her face
  • Stop comparing your children with your neighbor’s children
  • Stop comparing career paths, salaries and benefits – you would feel insufficient and exploited
  • Stop comparing about almost anything and start living and be grateful of what you have and you’ll be happier with your life.

Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is to pretend to be someone you’re not. It’s a lot of work and you have to be consistent. Why not stop pretending and start living of who you are. How? By loving for yourself to begin with.     


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