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self help and the art of happiness

Updated on March 10, 2015

5 ways to battle depression

Number 1 Appreciate the little things. For the longest time I really struggled with depression. There were countless times I wished I would just drop dead on the spot. One day I decided that I would try my best to be thankful and appreciate every little thing I could think of that day. It started out wow I am thankful I can take a shower, I really enjoy showers. Then to I am glad that I can put my socks on my own feet! I was of to work I am glad I can drive. I am glad I have full use of my body. any ways you get the point. Cherish the little things and appreciate what you have.

Number 2 Try seeing all the possibilities. With my daily battle of depression it was really hard to see the possibilities. I would collapse on one or two things and they just happened to be the worst ones I could imagine. Once i realized that I was doing that I decided I'm going to try to see all the possibilities today. The first situation that arose was, I asked a friend if they wanted to hang out. At first I thought, my friends hate me nobody likes me he is ignoring me cause he doesn't want to hang out. I remembered I am trying to see the possibilities today. I then thought maybe his phone died, maybe he got grounded, maybe he is really sick, maybe he doesn't have signal, and maybe just maybe he dropped his phone in the toilet that morning. The truth is we don't know why people do things or why things happen the way they do but I have learned there is no sense choosing all these horrible possibilities when there are literally a million possibilities that are just as possible and less cynical.

Number 3 Never compare yourself to others. I would go to the gym and see others and say I wish I was that tall, or that skinny, or that ripped. I found myself comparing myself to other people in so many ways it wasn't funny at all, nor did it contribute to me being happy. I decided that I would from that day on try not to compare myself to others. I would look at someone and find myself starting to say I wish that I was or I am so ....... Compared to him. It took work but I replaced that thought with. I am not that person so why in the world would I compare myself to them. If I am not them and never will be them how could I ever be like them. Really it was silly for me to try to hold myself to the standards of another person. I am me and I will never be or look like someone else but myself so I might as well love myself! Which brings me to my next point.

Number 4 Always love yourself. For the longest time this was one of my biggest struggles. I thought I don't even like myself how could anyone else like me. Im to fat, I have to many zits, I am not funny, My clothes aren't cool, my hair is to curly. The list went on an on of things that I didn't like about myself. Also goes back to comparing myself to others and not looking at myself for who I am. Once I realized what I was doing and how I was talking to myself and what I thought about myself I decided to make a change. Every day I would look at my self and say I love my nose, I love my hair, I love my belly and all its jiggle, I love my body it does a great job and keeping me alive and well. I tried to do this every single day, it was really really hard but after a while it became easier and easier. Then something amazing happened once I was able to love myself I lost weight for no reason at all I wasn't exercising or eating different or anything I think my body just got happier and less weighed down.

Number 5 Eat healthy and exercise. This one is also really hard especially when struggling with depression. I started out eating all sorts of crap and never exercising at all. I noticed how this was affecting me and how I could change. I challenged myself to stop drinking soda, eating as many sweets, eating more veggies and, to exercise. Just get out and go doesn't matter what I was doing as long as I was doing something. I went on walks, I went on hikes, I ran up and down the stairs instead of walking, I kicked the soccer ball around, and anything else I could think of. I stopped soda completely only drank water, I really cut down on the candy and crap foods. Eventually I started going to the gym! The changes were absolutely amazing! I had more energy and felt better than I ever had before. Everything on my list became easier to do It was mind boggling to see the life changes I was making.

Thanks for reading I challenge anyone who is reading this to try this list for one week and let me know what you think. Leave your results in the comments I really look forward to see how it will affect your life and those around you! READY, SET, GO!


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    • manningslife profile image

      manningslife 3 years ago

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 3 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      It is amazing what we find out when we take a look at the thoughts we have and where they are taking us! This is something I have to watch regularly, or I fall into depression and anxiety. I, too, have found the things you are pointing out here to be true.