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Self Improvement

Updated on September 19, 2014

Starting to see new world with self development

Finding happiness and lovely life is so difficult. Some times, some people enter the wrong way addicted with even drugs or gambling. Of course, no body is perfect in this world, but they try to develop themselves step by step and try to find the right way to go. If they don't habit what they are trying to do, they would not find the word "Success" and "Happiness" in their life. So, developing and improving your life are the best step in which everyone does and is trying. We pave the way and approach to the end of one path and decide that the turning point to the next way would improve our situation and the effect of change that could bring a new perspective for our lives. Stepping to the wrong path and making mistakes in our life is how we learn and most times these mistakes affect the change within us, so avoiding these unlucky mistakes might be a bad idea, unless they are really bad and cause us more stress in our present situation. Sometimes, unlucky mistake can be our future experiences that improve our lives by learning what we have passed before and it can teach us to find the word "Success".

Step by step to learn how to improve your life

To reach the target or your bull’s eye is so difficult. Sometimes, you don’t know where you are standing or what exactly you are doing, but you just keep doing it little by little. Self improvement could be known by the end and that was a success, even though that can be financial, a family creation, a personal goal, or something else which finishes and makes a small part of the self development journey.

Here is a collection of self improvement tips, and some of them are obvious and common sense; nevertheless, they would be useful in some way for our whole lives.

1. Stop or never think you are a failure because the word “Failure” is only an element of life learning lessons. It is how you look your failure and count, and achieving a failure doesn’t define the whole of your life and can make you a total failure. Accept yourself to what you have faced so that others can accept you too. I never put this word in my brain dictionary.

2. Try to help others who are feeling down or getting stressed too. Improving your lives together with them helps provide a group spirit, and then the person who is also feeling down doesn’t try and pull you down with them as this can happen. You can try playing sports with them to release stresses but you don’t try to get drug when your feeling is down.

3. Everyone always makes mistake and remember that no one is perfect or no real justice in the world. So, one mistake isn’t the end of your world. Try realizing your mistakes and keep moving on from a path to another until you find out the right one. The more you think of them, the more you may sink into thinking too much or worse depression because you might get frustrated without going elsewhere.

4. Try to do a small thing a day and do it at one time. Gradually develop your self esteem or confidence and set targets in which you are aiming for. Success cannot be worked for just a day, just like Angkor Wat temple wasn’t built in a just day.

5. Success comes from keeping doing again and again and your power inside, so do everything you feel good about yourself, if it improves your health in some ways or improve your family financial status.

6. Set specific goals in which you think that you can accomplish and keep starting with them step by step. Don’t just set the goals without actions or you’ll be disappointed when you don’t achieve them.

7. Don’t forget spreading your new found happiness, confidence, and self esteem by letting other people, friends, or family members know about it. You start to compliment other people and even just greet other people you wouldn’t ordinarily have done before. This makes you feel good, so do the other people who you meet or work with. They will associate confidence and happiness with you and then you may have more opportunities which open up and wait for you.

8. Learn how to accept other people concepts and ideas and accept that others around you may not want to change you. Accept it and concentrate on yourself or those who do want to try and improve their lives in some way. Surround yourself with those who want to join you, but don’t leave out those who aren’t quite ready because they might want to improve later.

9. Always look for the power inside yourself and never think that you aren’t good enough to face on the other people. Just because you see other people already enjoying success doesn’t mean that can’t be you in a few years down the line. Try to act and show what you know to other people around you and don’t be so boosted or so humbled.

Self Improvement is, of course, very hard and tough things to manage and most times does not exist even in an ideal world.


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    • KhAgronomist profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Cambodia

      @gregorygawlas: I hope that you enjoy reading my other lenses too. Thank for your appreciation!

    • KhAgronomist profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Cambodia

      @siobhanryan: Thank you so much friend.

    • siobhanryan profile image


      6 years ago

      Great tips-nice one

    • gregorygawlas profile image


      6 years ago

      Very nice, I like this.


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