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self improvement and personality development.

Updated on June 1, 2017

Most of us may consider both things, personality development and self improvement as one and the same thing but according to me, these things may seem to be same but are different if we are deeply involved in it. How?
Lets take a case for personality development. Did ever thought of what personality development really does mean to you? If not then think now. Personality development is the thing which we do to improve ourselves in the views of other. You may be aware of the fact that whenever you read some instructions for interview one of them will be 'develop your personality'. Why?
Because it is very important that person who are taking interview should see you as complete developed personal, so that chances being selection for you will definitely increase. So the personality development accounts for the procedure of applying changes to ourselves in accordance with views of other person. Another example is whenever we meet someone then we say that his/her personality was great, charming or anything else. That means personality development is term concerned with the views of others and how they realize you and what they see in you.On other hand self improvement is the process of improving yourself in view of yourself. Yes increasing self esteem, increasing self confidence, being motivational are some of the things involved in self improvement that accounts for you only. Self improvement is the process of teaching being yourself without any conflicts with others, so that you may achieve whatever you want and however you want. If you try to improve different qualities in you then it will be easier to get what you want. Because increased ability always makes its use of best part of you and when you use best in you then no one can stop you from getting success.

The most important thing between self improvement and personality development are closely related to each other. When you improve yourself then you can see that your personality is also improving accordingly. The way to the personality development goes via process improving yourself. There are different things required to achieve these things but affects both segments of life. In this blog we are going to concentrate on these two important aspects of everyone's life: Self improvement and personality development.


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