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Self Realization and The Art of Yoga

Updated on December 27, 2015

Self Realization in Yoga

There are several thoughts and negative impulses that cloud the human mind on a regular basis. Hence, yoga introduces physical and mental exercises in its practice to help yoga practitioners gain a better control of their mind, and consequently of their self.

One of the biggest misconception that people have of yoga practice is that it is merely focused on physical enhancement. However, one of the first and core concepts of the yoga philosophy is the removal of ego. The human ego is one of the path that leads to negativity, since it causes one to aim for external approval, practice bias, and prejudice. The presence of negative thoughts and emotional instability brings about stress and pain to a person.

Eliminating Negativity

The science of yoga practice have two areas of focus: heart and mind.

The heart is considered as the “root mind” and is most critical in bringing about false pride. It interferes with the head's capacity to think rationally and cause internal conflicts. Whenever there is fluctuations and inconsistencies within your internal self, this affects your physical and spiritual body. Its external manifestation comes in the form of confusion such that you do not realize your own identity and you lose touch of the “self”.

Yoga then aims to reach deep within your internal soul, body, and mind. It enables you to realize what your inner desires are and avoid any false wants or desires. In the process, you are also eliminating any physical or mental ailments to avoid being stuck in a negative state.

Concentrative Meditation (Follow Along with It)

Using Meditation Approaches

Attaining self realization through yoga is mostly done with the help of proper meditation techniques. In this case, the production of sounds through a rhythmical breathing pattern enables you to produce this continuous breathing cycle of inhalation and exhalation. This focus on pranayama or breathing is often done during the first stage of hamsa yoga, which is discussed further below.

There are two basic forms of meditation: concentrative and mindless.

In Concentrative Meditation, it typically uses sound vibrations within a continuous or specific manner to achieve that necessary state to be able to focus your mind. With the repetition of sound vibrations, it liberates or ceases any form of thoughts to achieve a tranquil mind. Other branches of the concentrative meditation include chant meditation and transcendental meditation that utilize tools such as meditation chants to condition your mind.

In Mindless Meditation, this is a more focused approach at using meditation to gain self awareness and self realization. In fact, this stage creates awareness between the separation of the conscious and subconscious state of mind, creating that 'space'. That deeper level of understanding between both states of mind bring about more success.

David Spero - Self Realization & Awakening

Sahaja Yoga- Self realization

Proper Mind Control

Mind control is essential if your goal with yoga is to attain self realization. It enables you to reach that specific state needed for internal transformation. This state frees you from any unwanted thought forms that you previously have no means of controlling. With proper mind control, however, you master these external thoughts instead of the other way around.

The liberation of mind from these unwanted internal experiences is something that our physical and internal body need. After all, whatever pleasure or satisfaction that one is to experience comes from within.

Hamsa Yoga To Attain Self Realization

According to ancient yoga beliefs and teachings, hamsa yoga is the ultimate pinnacle of spiritual endeavor to which any other yoga techniques lead up to. Despite of its superior results and benefits, hamsa yoga is deceitful in that it is one of the easiest yoga techniques to master. It does not require difficult yoga asanas or postures and is not restricted by any form of discipline.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation

This method in yoga is based on meditation towards an experience known as Kundalini awakening or self realization. Every human being is capable of attaining this stage using proper techniques as taught in the principles of sahaja yoga.

The goal of sahaja yoga is to integrate and create a balance between your physical and spiritual body during an inner transformation. As most religions and spiritual traditions from across the world have this concept of diving power, so does sahaja yoga. And during the process of inner transformation, you will encounter this divine power that helps in actualization of your transformation. In order to experience that self realization, you will most often undergo several meditation sessions to enable your senses and spiritual body to be attuned with this divine power until you reach self realization.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Establish your Self-realization

Four Paths Toward Self-Realization

What makes yoga a powerful path towards self-realization is its holistic incorporation of the mind, body, and the senses. Therefore, it enables an individual to realize their full potential as they delve deeper into themselves, going far beyond the physical benefits that yoga can bring. The yoga system takes on four various paths that enable it to reach ultimate level of self-realization.

1. Jhana Marg (path to knowledge): Basically, this stage aims to teach an individual the boundary between what is real and unreal. This will also enable him/her to distinguish the physical body from the spiritual kind.

2. Karma Marg (path to selflessness): This stage focuses on your ability to think less about yourself and give without expecting any reward in return.

3. Bhakti Marg (path to love and devotion): Since emotional stability is one of the major points in yoga philosophy, this is important in attaining that objective.

4. Yoga Marg (path of self control): Once you are able to have full control over both mind and body, only then can you attain full control of the self.

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  • ebourne profile image


    9 years ago from Washington, D.C.

    What a wonderfully comprehensive look at yoga & self realization. Bravo! Thanks for sharing this.


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