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Self Healing With The Law Of Attraction

Updated on September 23, 2014

The Law of Attraction is a simple way to summarize and understand the complex scientific concepts. It is directly related to the energy of the human body and the universe; without this energetic nature there’s no law of attraction.

The North Americans are the pros in Internet Marketing: they found the name "Law of Attraction." Great if it allows a large number of people to understand the vibratory nature of human being but you should know that it has always existed and has always been present in many cultures such as the Native Americans, Japanese, Chinese and Indians. In those cultures they have been healing themselves during hundreds of years, if not more, with the law of attraction.

Sometimes thinking sincerely that they are applying the law of attraction, many people fail to succeed. This law is indeed both simple and subtle. Thinking is a way of shaping the energy and that thought is positive or negative: it shapes energy providing the corresponding results.
Positive thinking is essential and fundamental to have positive results & good health in life but this is only the emerging part of a deeper understanding of the human beings in all these dimensions.

This is not the "positive thinking" as such that brings healing, abundance, or the perfect partner you are waiting for but it is necessary to think positively to access this dimension itself (named Personal Energy), which guides us to achieve and realize the healing, abundance
or love. In other words: It’s the feelings which drive us to that result.

For the law of attraction to work there must have Alignment. Whatever the field is: work, money, health, or relationships; Success is a matter of Alignment. If the person is aligned then there is realization of what is wanted and if there is no alignment with what is wanted it won’t occur. When there is Alignment then results can be very fast.

An important point about the law of attraction

Someone once sent me an email in which he writes ironically:
- "I visualized for months that my ex girlfriend and I would be together but nothing happened and on the contrary she has a new man in her life. So where is the law of attraction? "

I recall that you cannot choose and decide for others. Doing this would be ordering them ... which are exactly the opposite of the law of attraction! The Essence of this law is LOVE. It is by no means a power over others, in any case. Rather, it is balance and harmony (though often in certain situations you can really ask where is the balance and harmony ...).
Individuals are free to live every relationship experiences and lifestyle they want and/or they would like to (unconsciously), it is the essence of the law of attraction: the absolute freedom of living what she/he wants to live.

In other words, you can ask anything you want for you and let the law of attraction
whose essence is love, to come to you: the ideal partner, a better job, better health, etc...
Remembering that the universe is abundant: Astronomers were able to assess about 100 billion galaxies... 16 galaxies per human being on Earth knowing that a galaxy contains 100 billion stars!

In the example above, instead of looking during months for his ex-girlfriend and him would get together again (attachment, addiction, ego, thought of domination) , this person could have asked and visualize for example: "Now I want to meet a new person who has the same qualities that I enjoyed with my ex girlfriend."

The law of attraction is both very simple and subtle.

The law of attraction is like I said earlier "a simple way to explain complex concepts," it doesn’t
exempt from the path of self-knowledge. It is even the opposite: it is a process of consciousness. When you do not get the desired results in your life, it is an invitation to know you better and look deep inside your heart. The Law of Attraction is the power of love.

I wrote the power of love, not ego, not the fears, no attachments, no limitations ... etc. Love begins at home first. That is an Energy point of view: alignment, it is with us first.

The biggest problem of this society is that people seek to align with others (father, mother, brothers, sisters, partner, religion, society, political views, etc...) rather than themselves first. Since the law of attraction is the power of love, the more you learn to love yourself, the more you'll be able to attract to you the good things you want. Love yourself and love others; the universe will then meet harmoniously your positive & loving requests to you.

Sometimes people would do well to forget the universal laws and simply reflect on their everyday behavior to improve their results and live the law of attraction.


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    • yieldway profile image

      Diana MEYER 6 years ago from France

      Thank you Mary :-)

    • infinitee profile image

      infinitee 6 years ago

      This lady is awesome and I can personally attest to her magic as it seems we both met in 2007 and have become friends over the internet and in-person. Yes, she also introduced me to the Law of Attraction principles of which I'm finding to be very informative.

    • yieldway profile image

      Diana MEYER 6 years ago from France

      Yes, this is simple and so powerful principles. We only need to apply it in our daily life and so many people would be living a happy life... I'm trying to spread this info so that I can reach those who don't know about the law of attraction or maybe didn't understand it well. Thanks for your comment which is really appreciated :-)

    • poeticmentor profile image

      Asahda Shavaja Poet of the New Age 6 years ago from New York City

      great hub. I do believe in this law. too many of us are not aware and soon forget this rule. If we only knew what this law was truly capable of. Thanks