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Study Indicates that People Grow Happier with Old Age

Updated on November 27, 2017
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Old age is the golden period of one's life

The later years of an individual’s life are termed as the “golden years”. This saying has been proven right in a recent report that was published in Psychological Science. According to this report, many older adults have experienced many things in life, and from these experiences, they have accumulated wisdom and knowledge. These individuals tend to be happier and more fulfilled at this stage than they were during their younger days.

Old age brings a sense of contentment

The study discovered that more and more seniors have reported that they feel happier as they grow older. This is despite the fact that the average senior citizen has a lower level of well-being when compared to younger adults. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Institutes of Health combined their resources to find out whether individuals truly become more satisfied as they age. Their study involved examining the records of several thousand people and their development over a 30-year period. This included over 10,000 reports related to health and well-being, as well as lifestyle factors.

The individuals that were examined were from different age groups – from young to middle-aged, and from middle-aged to older adults. The researchers discovered that the senior participants experienced lower levels of happiness when compared to younger adults. On the contrary, they also found that people tend to become more satisfied with their life as they become older.

Prosperity multiplies happiness

In this study, the researchers concluded that the upward trend in people with higher levels of well-being and happiness is because some of the senior participants grew up when the economy was poor. People who were born between 1885 and 1925 were raised in a tough economy, where good food and nutrition was expensive. Most of them began with having lower levels of happiness and well-being when compared to the adults who were born after 1925, and were raised in a prosperous economy.

People who grew up during two major wars and the Great Depression had a completely different upbringing than those who were born later. Since they have experienced such trauma and disaster during their lifetime, it is easy for them to feel that things are getting better in their old age.

Depression: A real threat for seniors

These findings do not necessarily mean that seniors are no longer at risk of suffering from depression, as it is still a major threat. The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that there are around 35 million people in America who are over the age of 65. Out of this 35 million, over 6.5 million of them suffer from depression.

Depression in seniors can be a result of disability caused by certain physical health problems. It can also be brought on by feelings of isolation and loneliness. This is one of the main reasons why some seniors opt to join senior living communities. In these communities, seniors will have the change to socialize with their peers and be a part of social activities. In addition to this, they also receive personalized care and sufficient attention to ensure their overall well-being.


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