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senseless deaths in wayne co

Updated on October 1, 2012

why are so mamy of our youths getting murdered

Why are so many of our youths in wayne county getting murdered?

We have had at least thirteen murders in just as many days.Weather these deaths are caused by gangs, poor parenting,jealousy, drugs,..etc they are senseless and something needs to be done to protect our youths. These murders happens in public places, private residents, cars, they are happening while you are walking down the street, partying or going to bed, it seem as if a violent movie is being shot in our town an no one is getting paid.

The victim families are suffering as well as the families of the ones that are commiting these crimes. We are a close knit community where everybody knows everybody or knows somebody that knows everybody.

Where is the love everybody? We as parents raise our kids the best we know how, they know right from wrong, so why is this happening. Our children are design to run us crazy, and as they grow into adulthood we expect a few bumps in the road but nothing like this.

A lot of these murders are brutal, a person that would do something like this have to be on some mighty strong mind altering drugs. As an adult i know that if i did something like this it would haunt me 24/7. I wonder if these kids can sleep after performing such a horrible act ? If they can their heart has to be just as black as smutt.

I wonder if the people that is suppose to protect and serve has decided to let our children make their jobs easier. It seems to me that some of these deaths can be prevented but i can be wrong.

These deaths cannot be racially motivated because these are black on black crimes.

Is there a new drug on the streets that is causing our youths to hate?

If these crimes involved another race would the outcome be any different?

What can we do to bring our community back together?

Is what's happening today just fulfilling the bible?

Do you believe that we have to go through trials to get to where we are suppose to be in life?

Do you think that the death of our youths have to do with politics.

I would love to get your input give me your opinion read my blog and let me know what you think


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    • sharenee profile image

      sharenee 5 years ago from Goldsboro

      I ask myself that same question and I believe it comes from the home but it doesn't stop their, there are so many outside influences that encourage individual behavior. The community as a whole need to get together and stand up for a change.