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Severe Dry Skin: Your Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on January 30, 2012

Learn About Common Causes of Dry Skin and Lasting Relief Options

People who suffer with consistent or severe dry skin often have questions about the various causes as well as relief options. What is causing my dry skin? Do all intense moisturizers have to be thick or goopy? Should I take baths or showers? These are all good questions, and the answers can mean the difference between comfortable, normal activity and planning your life around your skin care regimen.

Susie Sloan, developer of the amazing skin hydrating spray, skin-lasting®, is here to provide answers and resources for longer lasting dry skin relief!

Need longer lasting skin relief?


Does diabetes cause severe dry skin?

Diabetes can indeed cause a number of dry skin conditions that should be diagnosed and discussed with your doctor. The following video gives some in-depth information on how diabetes affects the skin.

Is flaky skin due to dehydration or dead skin?

I can actually be a combination of both, and it usually is. If you don't already, you first need to gently exfoliate the dead skin on top, and then hydrate your skin. That should subside the flaking.

I actually have oily skin - so why do I have dry patches?

Oily skin can and frequently can be dehydrated but masked with the shine. Under close observation you will see a fine covering of dry or parched skin (dehydrated). Most people are unaware of this and are afraid to hydrate. Stay away from oils, only use hydrating products, and drink plenty of water.

Can using laundry detergent make dry skin worse?

Most are very hard on your clothes and your skin and we use way too much. Try using 1/3 or more less (your clothes will still get clean).

Can my soap be causing my dry skin?

Absolutely. Especially deodorant soaps that are meant for one purpose or area only. Use the mildest soap you can find, glycerin or goats milk are good choices especially without fragrance.

Can frequent showering and bathing make dry skin worse?

Yes especially with the chlorine that is added to municipal water systems. The hotter the worse for your skin. It depletes the oils and water from your skin. If you have severe dry skin, it would be beneficial for you to purchase chlorine removal filters for your whole house. At the very least, use a chlorine removal shower head. They are inexpensive and well worth it.

Is it better to take a shower or bath for dry skin?

Baths are actually worse then showers. If you must take a bath, try water that is not as hot and for shorter periods of time. You want to keep as much of your natural body oil as you can while still getting clean. Baths take more of your natural oils because you are simply exposed to more water for a longer time.

Do salt scrubs and spa treatments make dry skin worse?

The suggestion would be infrequently and make certain you don’t scrub too hard and leave the salt on for more than it takes to do a small area. I rather use baking salt than sea salt, not as abrasive and slightly more mild. Rinse thoroughly and hydrate hydrate!

Is it normal for dry skin to change with the seasons?

Yes, winter seems to be the worst between the dryness of the heat.

Do menopause and other hormone changes cause dry skin?

Yes, they can cause many conditions from dult acne to severe dry skin and fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrate and only use mild soaps and no alcohol products on your skin. Avoid Dial!


How skin-lasting® helps relieve severe dry skin!

The natural hydrating, exfoliating, and healing agents of lactic acid, urea, Vitamin C, aloe vera, salt, green and white tea extracts in skin-lasting® all combine to gently, safely and rapidly soothe and help heal the painful itchy lesions on severely dry skin.

Skin-lasting® skin restoring ingredients include:

Aloe vera to soothe and moisturize

Hyaluronic acid to stimulate water retention and collagen synthesis

Grape seed extract to combat free radicals and strengthen tissues with its anti-inflammatory properties

Green and white tea to provide superior antioxidant properties

Echinacea to heal irritations

Calendula to soothe inflammation and itching

Chamomile with its anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and anti-septic properties to restore and protect the skin's health

Skin-lasting® is formulated as a spray for rapid absorption and long lasting hydration head to toe. (As with most products the first two initial applications may sting for several seconds; after that, it subsides to a tingle.)

Ready to get lasting relief? Visit to order.


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