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Shepard Pain and Performance Care

Updated on August 19, 2013

Shepard Pain and Performance Care - Offering Evidenced Based Chiropractic Solutions

I want to take an opportunity to make a lens, offering a secondary location, of all the exercise videos I have made available on my office website

By following the exercises below you can gain help from pain in the low back, neck, between the shoulders blades, carpal tunnel, sciatica, other nerve pains, shoulder pain, and a variety of other pains.

The videos will demonstrate nerve flosses, foam rolling, stretches, and stabilization exercises.

Nerve Flosses - Why not use the nerve to treat the nerve pain you're having

Median Nerve Floss

Radial Nerve Floss

Axillary Nerve Floss

Sciatic Nerve Floss

Saphenous Nerve Floss

Peroneal Nerve Floss

Musculocutaneous Nerve Floss

Ulnar Nerve Floss

Spinal Accessory Nerve Floss

Supraspinatus Nerve Floss

Great Stretches For Fast Pain Relief

Rotator Cuff Stretch

Pectoralis Stretch

Bruggers Posture- Relax the Upper back and lower neck

Piriformis Stretch

Strengthening Exercises

Low Back Strengthening and Stability

Serratus Anterior Activation Exercise

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Any Questions or Concerns About the Exercises Shown in the Videos

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    • drmattshepard profile image

      drmattshepard 4 years ago

      @ikdj lm: You are completely correct. It is hard to do any advanced movement that won't envolve the back muscles and joints. Thanks for the comment.

    • ikdj lm profile image

      ikdj lm 4 years ago

      Interesting lens. Some good exercises for strengthening. As we get older it seems we use our stomach muscles less and end up depending too much on our back...the result...back pain!