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Brooks Shoes For Over Pronation

Updated on April 25, 2012

Prone To Pronate.. Now I Need Shoes For Over Pronation

A personal confession: I am 64 years old, and I am a pronator.

There! It's out. I have confessed.

I went out and purchased a pair of Brooks Beast Running Shoes to fix the problem.

You will see that there are a number of problems that are related to pronation and over pronation, not the least of which is plantar fasciitis. Specifically designed shoes for pronation are a good way to free yourself of problems related to improper foot mechanics known as pronation.

Photo is of my Brooks Running Shoe (from the Amazon sales site)

Happy Old Dude
Happy Old Dude

How I Discovered Shoes for Pronation

The sad thing is, I just learned about pronation and over-pronation at age 64. I could have saved myself some pain and suffering had I known earlier in life. Then again, maybe not. I recall seeing people with orthopedic shoes in my younger days and thinking, "I wouldn't wear those ugly things."

But times have changed. There are now some pretty good looking shoes for pronation. In fact, I just purchased my first pair of Brooks shoes for pronation, and I love them. They don't look orthopedic at all.

I have a condition known as plantar fasciitis. It's possible I developed this condition because I am a pronater. That's why I went to a specialty shoe store to purchase some walking shoes.

Here's a tip..

If you have a foot condition like plantar fasciitis, you can't (or shouldn't) buy your shoes at a discount shoe store or a department store.. just sayin'

It was Jose, the shoe store proprietor, who calmly told me that I was guilty of pronation. When he said it, I was ignorant of what that even meant. But, I had learned to trust him because he is the one who got me on the right track with some P. W. Minor shoes for every day use to help with plantar fasciitis.

By the way, I'm sure Jose mentioned this pronation issue the first time I was there, but I was concentrating on the plantar fasciitis cure, so I did not pay close enough attention to his analysis of my foot. All I wanted was to get rid of the heel pain I was suffering from.

With all that said, it turns out that the Brooks shoes for pronation are also excellent for plantar fasciitis because of the support they build into the shoe.

So now, I am one happy older dude!

Brooks "Beast" Shoes for Pronation

Brooks Men's Beast Running Shoe,Metallic Gold/Pavement/Silver/Black,13 M US
Brooks Men's Beast Running Shoe,Metallic Gold/Pavement/Silver/Black,13 M US

These shoes have been designed and engineered for those who pronate when walking or running.

They will correct the problem of pronation or over-pronation so that you can walk or run with confidence that your feet are doing what they should.


Make Your Shoes Into Shoes for Pronation

The issues discussed are caused by your foot turning too far inward as you walk or run. Adding a good "pronation correction" arch will help make some of your existing shoes into acceptable shoes for pronation.

Powerstep® Pinnacle Maxx Orthotic Supports - Size PM-G
Powerstep® Pinnacle Maxx Orthotic Supports - Size PM-G

This Pinnacle Maxx orthotic insert is especially designed to correct your foot position and add support to the arch.

It has a "deep heel" seat and will instantly correct heel position inside your shoe.

You will begin to feel better the moment you put this insert into a good pair of shoes.

Remember, you have to use good shoes to start with, or even a great insert will not benefit you.

Normal Foot
Normal Foot

More About Pronation and Over Pronation

Plantar Fasciitis is not the only issue that can arise from foot pronation. You can also develop pain in the ball of your foot (Metatarsalgia), Shin Splints, Flat Feet and Bunions just to name a few.

Pronation and over pronation is one of the most common of foot issues, causing not only foot discomfort, but affecting the lower leg as well. Your foot does normally pronate while you walk or run. It is a normal action of the foot turning inward. It is when the foot turns too much to the inside that it is over pronation.

When the foot over pronates, you experience problems with the arch and joints in and around your foot. The first sign of a problem is experiencing excessive or quick fatigue. As the problem gets worse, the other symptoms mentioned above begin to manifest themselves.

You can stop the problems before they start by visiting a foot professional for evaluation and purchasing shoes that fit your lifestyle.

Photo from Wikipedia commons

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Great Lense! I agree with you! i love brooks!