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Updated on July 27, 2012

Job Overload in the workplace is a common problem in these days. We can see the people who are stressed out due to job over load. Excessive job Overload can cause so many problems in their personal and family life due to this. In personal life, the physical and psychological strains are the main problems, which can cause feelings of distrust, rejection, anger, depression etc... In family life, couple gets lack of time for developing their relationship as a couple and married couple with children does not get much time to spend with them.

Actually people are applying so many methods to reduce job overload. Some people spent more hours in office after working hours, some takes files to home, some starts drinking and smoking etc... But these methods people are applying for long years may not get much satisfaction. In this article I give you four tips to reduce job over load. Friends, practice it and tell me its amazing result.

# TIP 1-Avoid procrastination

One of the biggest problems of job over load is procrastination. Procrastination is putting off or avoiding doing something that must be done. Procrastination is natural, but excessive procrastination can result in stress feelings about not doing a task when it should be done. It causes anxiety, tension etc… Further, excessive procrastination can cause poor performance.

Procrastination can be avoided by giving Prioritize our tasks, by motivating ourselves etc… we should have feeling like “if I don’t complete it now, then when will I complete it?”

# TIP 2-Start work in the early morning

One of the best method of reducing job over load is starting our work in the early morning. Actually people try spent more hours in workplace after working hours to reduce job over load and return home at night. At home they just having food and then go to sleep. Sometimes they might have completed their work, but they do not have much time to talk with their spouse and children; even they cannot enjoy t sex with their spouses. Next morning go to work place and do the same.

But if we start our work in the early morning (one or two hour before office starting hour) we will feel easiness in our work. If this is our habit, our work load will be reduced within days. We need not spent more hours in work place after working hours and also we will get much time to spend with our family and friends. In my own experience, during my school days I study all subject in early morning between 6 am to 7 am and even now, when want to go anywhere(two or three hour journey), I start from home before sun rise and return my home at 11 am or 12 noon, then starts my other work. I never miss whole day by this and never feel hardships of traveling.

# TIP 3-Allot one holiday for work

Everybody wants to enjoy holiday with their family and friends. But how one can enjoy holiday if a bundle of work is on the table? In every weekly holidays employee thinks" yes, I can enjoy next holiday and leave this week”. Next holiday another bundle of work will be there on head. Actually no holiday people can enjoy in its true sense.

If we allot one holiday per month (preferably in last week of month) for our work in office, our job will be completed within stipulated time. Mainly our weekly holidays are Saturdays and Sundays and we will get around eight holidays per month. If we spend one holiday in office, we can complete our work and enjoy other seven holidays.

# TIP 4-Share job with co-workers

Our work load will be reduced by sharing our work with co-workers. For this we have to make friendly relationship with our co-workers and subordinates. One of the main problem is that people try to show a “feeling importance” attitude. Feeling of importance attitude is that people try to show their position in work place and some are not ready to give smile to their co-workers and subordinates.

Friendly relationship with our co-workers can be done by mingling with them, give smile to them or having food with them etc…One major thing we have to consider is that while giving work to them, we have to tell them how much their effort is necessary for this work and they should feel “only I am considered for this work, if I don’t do this, others can’t complete this in its true sense”.


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