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How To Get A Shovelglove Sledgehammer Workout For Arms And Back

Updated on May 29, 2009

It's called the shovelglove and it's a workout technique in which the exercise enthusiast uses a sledgehammer workout to build upperbody strength, endurance, and stamina.

Does it work? Yes. Is it awkard? A little. Is it Fun? Oh Yeah.

The shovelglove Sledgehammer workout is enjoyable because it is a complete change of pace from what the average person is used to in a work out session. The art of the Shovelglove sledgehammer workout was created by Reinhard Engels, a DIY workout enthusiast who was looking for something different to do one morning. Eventually through trial and error he decided shoveling would be a workout to try. Actually shoveling outside wasn't doing it for him so in the end he ended up with a sledgehammer with a sweater wrapped around it. Thus, shovelgloving was born.

Sledgehammer workouts burn calories and build strength
Sledgehammer workouts burn calories and build strength

How Does It Work

The Basic movement for shovel gloving is to use the sweater wrapped sledgehammer like a shovel, but there are no limits to the exercises you can create using the shovelglove. Get inventive. The entire purpose of doing a sledgehammer workout is to change up your workout routine using something that almost everyone has around their house.

Use caution, like with any weighted piece of exercise equipment, accidents happen. Gloves can help with using a sledgehammer that is made of wood and may cause splinters.

Other Sledghammer Workouts

Many bodybuilders and weighlifters find using a sledgehammer to swing and come down to hit a large rubber tire to be quite benefiical for upper body strength. Pay attention to your form making sure that on both the lift and the swing that the muscles in your your arms and shoulders are getting the best workout.

If you're into this type of workout or if it sounds like something you would want to try but you do not have a large tire to swing against, try craigslist. They do occasionally come up available, many times for a lot less money then you might imagine.

Its Just Not For Everyone

Doing a sledgehammer workout really isn't for everyone. There are many more pieces of exercise equipment that can not only deliver the same results for upper body strenght, but can do so better. The point of using a sledgehammer as a piece of exercise equipment is to do something different when other methods of working out have gotten a little boring. 


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    • profile image

      Chas Tennis 7 years ago

      I have been using a 4 pound hammer with a 16" handle to do wrist rotations (windshield wiper like). For warm-up I hold the hammer at the mid-point of the handle. I'm am now going to buy a 6 pound sledge with a 16" handle for more resistance. I like doing the hammer exercise and other wrist exercises with dumbbells while watching TV.

    • profile image

      Stuey 7 years ago

      get your sledge hammer at walmart for more than 50% less.